What about extending latest affix buff to mythstones?

In the former couple of patches WD% and other stuff have been rescaled… I guess Endow, Return and maybe some other Mythstone should get the same buff, or at least a little improvement?

They have become pretty useless to craft on an item, expecially Return which is a very high tier mythstone but is too much weaker than the corresponding legend affix.

That’s true. I was suggesting of the idea to buff the Endow Mythstone for 100% like every other mythstone has. Abyss mythstone buffed when weaken buffed. Same with Clearcast clarity mythstone.

Return is 10% though even when legend arts is buffed to 25% MP Absorb but then again, permafrost gives a lot of MP Absorb. Although it’s understandable to want to buff that mythstone just a little bit for if you don’t get the legend affix version and can’t add permafrost in build.

MP Absorb only really sees use in Arena though.

Also what would be very nice is having 5+ All Skills to +10 All skills and same with All talents to keep with the +10 epic hero points or talent but cap is still 12 or so. Only one slot needed for both PvP and PvE.

Another idea is buff the talent tree legend affixes by +5 to +10 but the cap stays the 12 cap to keep with epic affixes being +10.

Move speed mythstone isn’t so good though. Legend move speed is 15% but mythstone is 10%. I mean legend is supposed to be better but the mythstone is used to none.
Maybe legend move speed 20% but move speed mythstone to 15% or something. As long as it doesn’t break any balance in saving affix slots . Maybe demonic bonus becomes easier to achieve (though still costly). Although tbh, people only really use 1 or 2 affixes for move speed or just skills . Momentum becomes easier to get 100% though if that’s a good or bad thing. Although mythstone matching legend move speed could be okish.

If there’s any other mythstone that could see a buff by some amount to be used just a little more, that could be nice. As long as it doesn’t make the game too easy.

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I actually like a lot the MP absorb stat also in PVE, it is very good in defensive builds (With my current one I can stay immortal till level ~1200, then enemies start one-shotting me) for the combo with manashield or equivalence+harmony (I use the latter).

upgrade mythic stone

When 3.0 was released it was my first thought, but whatever.

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