What Affix Can/Cannot get from Amethyst Crystal?

Im a newbie. thanks in advance :smile:

Cannot get
Cerebral Vortex
Scoundrel - Can be rolled using Wizard
Seven Deadly Sins
Smoke Screen

some can only get via selected class
for example
Momentum and Rage can only acquire using Warrior Class

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thank you so much. well appreciated :smiley:

your welcome not sure if it is a complete list tho lets wait for the others :smile:

@Eater @Nate111590 scoundrel can be rolled from amythes in wiz gear.

Is that actually possible? Would be really good for a build im planning on doing.

@roykiyoy thanks for correcting me :smile: please add some affix that I forgot to input in the list :smile:

@Dust yup can be rolled from wiz gear.

@Eater :smile:

hello, im here again. i wanna ask about the Ruby too. what affix i can/cannot get from it. thanks

all Info bout affix are der

thank you!! x100000

what about Living Force? can be crafted by Amethyst?

Yes. Living force can be rolled by amethyst

Epiphany can be rolled!?!?

No sadly

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no. here is a list of other restrictions.

the Epic affixes at the bottom of the post need to be updated, as there are a few Epic affixes that are restricted to certain items.

Block: can only be rolled on OH Weapon of any Class, but can be found on a few other Legend Warrior Items except for Necklace.

Extra Attack Chance: can only be rolled on MH & OH Weapons, but can be found on a few other items, like the Legend Ring and Necklace that have Living Force Set on them.

Weapon Damage + and %: these can only be rolled on MH & OH Weapons. they are only found on Weapons.

MP Reduce: this can only be rolled on MH & OH Weapons, but I think I have seen it on other Legend items. if I remember to do it, I will take a look later to see if that was only in my head. it only affects the Weapon it is placed on. it reduces the MP used by the Skill on the Weapon by up to 40%. if you find this on an Eternal Weapon, I guess it could reduce the MP of the Weapon by 80%, but I haven’t tested that one out.
Edit: looked in the Codex and no other items have MP Reduce other than Weapons. I did notice that no Rogue Legend Weapons have this on them, but you can roll it if needed.

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