What affix is worth it?

Im thinking of getting the Cognition of evasion(CoE) ring. Because of elem dmg and PTL affixes. These are not rollable. My question is, is it worth it to lose my blue CB affix and Rage set from my previous ring?

Im thinking that i can put Rage and ignore resist on the CoE ring. I just have to roll a 100% elem dmg on that and start bldg. What dyou guys think?

As far as whether or not it is “worth it” I would say depends on what your build is, and what you’re trying to accomplish; I wouldn’t want to give a definitive answer on how you should play. What I will say is that both the rage set affix and the crushing blow crystal affix can be put on the CoE ring, so all you would really be losing would be the cerebral vortex set affix and however many amethysts and crystals it takes to get the affixes you want.

Also, and this is just my opinion, you may want to consider trying to get a crystal weaken affix instead of the ignore resist, if you have room for it in your build. Statistically, even one crystal weaken will end up being more damage on average than an ignore resist perk. Hope this helps!


I wonder if the single crystal Weaken affix would still be statistically better than Ignore Resist when we consider that IR and a crystal affix can be included on a single piece of equipment.

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That’s actually something I hadn’t specifically considered before, thank you for bringing it up! There probably is some way to actually calculate all the different possibilities, but that sounds way too complicated, lol. I guess it really would just depend on the build you were going for. I could definitely see the benefit of using IR if pushing for some maxed crit chance and damage, (as well as crushing blow, which it seems like Demm is using) especially if using epiphany to raise the caps.

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Exactly. Way too complicated for me, but @Golem seems to have no trouble with this type of mind boggling situation.

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I’m so confused!!! :dizzy_face:

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first, Weaken vs Ignore Resist. you know how if a weapons element is the same as the maps all monsters take 50% less damage from it? a +90% Crystal Weaken will do more damage than if you used Ignore Resist, even though only 90% of your attacks will Weaken.

this is the post that explains it.

you could go with Weaken +90%, get rid of the Ignore Resist, put a +10% Crushing Blow on the Pet or somewhere else, or keep the Ignore Resist and Push the Limit, put an Epic Crushing Blow some somewhere else. and do some tests to see if you need to keep the Resource Cost because of the extra resource cost from PtL. also, you would have to Jasper the Item to Warrior to get Rage and then Jasper back to Wizard.

it all depends on how much change the build needs to have the +100% Fire. I would suggest going with the fewest changes possible to keep it as it was while putting in any changes for improvements that wont get you too frustrated in the short term.

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Dang! HAHAHA huhu i just lost 15 stones trying to get RAGE. I just needed to make it a warrior. Damn huhuhu. Thank u.

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If only the ultra rare crystals were as easy to acquire as they are to burn. Ruby and Amethyst can disappear quickly.

Ikr. Been playing in and out from the game. But this time decided to spend time and focus. Just sad that i wasted alot of stones

same problem. spending crystals before finding out you can’t get an affix… :crying_cat_face: .

finding that post really helped. and I bookmarked it…

Oh, no, I’m sorry! I should’ve checked the class you were on before saying you could use amethyst to get rage. I didn’t even think about the class restriction on it.

Um just a question. Um, can i get meteor affix on my OH? Spent 300 alrdy but no luck.

MH Primary & Specials can only go on MH and OH on OH. same for the +10 affix. so Meteor +10 would go on MH, Chest, Head, Ring, Amulet, or Pet, but not OH. Teleport +10 would be OH and all the rest, but not MH.

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