What app do you use for

Photo editing to show ya gear setups. I don’t wanna be downloading a bunch of apps to get disappointed an waste data.

Depends if you use iPhone or android if I phone I use snap collage

Ah… I should have specified… Android. But I just cropped out the rest an just posted single pics works just as good an pple with older small comes can see it. But thank you breaknex

Just use google photos or if you want to put words or arrows in picture, download skitch and if possible ask cronos what app he uses to show green garden build. Screenshot pics first though and decide whether you want to edit them or keep em normal.

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Thx cuezeg. Yea I posted my beginning build. With. Kinda large pix. But I need to edit it again cuz I got a armor with that sword magic thing. An now my crystalline hammer is a beast. Working up to floor 200 on mystic 2 . I’m so stoked.