What applies shock stack for electrocution set?


Quick question, what applies shock stacks for the electrocution set affix ? Does regular shock based attacks apply it and if so at what rate? Or is it when shock attacks crit?


I think midlumer answered the question for me in a previous post.

Shock-based attack, 100% chance.

Im wondering if my mirror imgs apply it if my MHWeapon eli is difrent

Any shock based attacks will count. But i wonder if you have stack enough shock based attack and you attack it with different element will it be removed??

Any shock based attack. Also if you stack to the maximum amount for stack Debuff, you gain full potential of Electrocution. For example , 4 stack Debuff means you get 50%×4= 200% increased damage from electrocution set, along with 50% DMG from stack Debuff. With shock effect Max, that’s 5 shock attacks so you’d get 250% DMG from Electrocution and 62.5% DMG from 5 stack Debuff.

Though it is possible to stack hirling stack Debuff to get even more use from Electrocution and maybe sorcery talent works with it but either way, Electrocution is extremely powerful. Although I also think sorcery talent only works on Damage over Time (DoT) instead of Debuff over Time (DoT) but it’s extremely good on poison and fire.

It is possible to interrupt the combo so when you attack with shock and then the Debuff gets replaced by fire dot, then the Electrocution Debuff gets lost. The fire attack does get buffed but then you’d have to manually apply shock stack Debuff again.

So the stacked shock debuff will be replaced by fire dot and the fire damage will be amplified??? Is that it?? If that is the case, you shouldnt put any other elemnt in your attacks if you are running electrecution set to ensure that max debuff stack.

The damage buff from Electrocution only apply when enemy’s HP below 25% right Cuzeg ?

Yup that’s right.

fire+shock is so good :heart_eyes:
even shock+frozen also

not so effective in shock+poison (in high floors)

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If shock and immolation overwrite each other that means you can’t use both crushing flames and electrocution at the same time?

Crushing flames and Electrocution is still a great combo though but the shocked enemy has to be stacked a few times and under 25% HP and then the fire gets buffed by the 250% DMG from Electrocution and stack Debuff as a finishing blow.

It’s probably not the easiest combo but it’s possible. Even if immolation overwrites the stack Debuff below 25% Hp enemies, it still gains the Electrocution DMG before you have to reapply shock again.

Oy, if the limitation up to 50% instead of 25% will be much better :sweat_smile:

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i will try this week 2 warrior knightcharge: first crushing flames + frozen nova, second electrocution + frozen nova. Play walking burning in flames, hireling follow killing all low life survivors. Against bosses: two novas ice stun + hireling shock stun until main crushing flames down life to 25%. Main leave to hireling stack, main return and immolate buffed… My question is: frost nova freezing do something agains my stacks?

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