What are the actual Ascension prices?

I could not find the actual prices for each Ascension in the patch notes. Since we can only ascend 6 times … what are the prices?

I know of the following, and I’m working on the third one …

1st. 5 mil
2nd. 10 mil

Is the third one 15 or 20 mil? If it’s 15 mil, that means each Ascension is +5 mil from the previous one. If it is 20 mil, then each Ascension is previous mil x 2.

Ascension costs are ascension number * 5mil so magic is 5, rare 10, epic 15, legend 20, mythic 25 and finally 30 million for eternal :smile:

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Thank you! I am SO GLAD I bought the Dealer Perk the 2nd time around. Gold is a #$%#$%% to get in this game.