What are the best combination of mythics for loot?

Really need to know and also can mythic items be dropped by monsterns?

The hunter mythic and that’s it other wise there are no useful mythics for loot and nope mythics are craft only :smile:

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Thanks hahah… Also i encountered a mythic enemy and fought with it for 2 hrs and havent even damage 2 percent of his hp like wth!! Hahahah i gave up and went to the nect floor srsly mythics are freakin hard!

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Yup! They powerspike hardcore up from legend enemies :smile:

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They are very crazy I remember I did the same thing as you when I first played :stuck_out_tongue:

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Same here. Ahh, the good ol days. I miss em sometimes when I had loads of fun. At least DQ is more fun though because it’s no fun playing 1 hr and finding that mythic enemy is impossible. R.I.p loads of gold at the time. Good thing a billion DMG can insta kill those mythic boss at floor 200 (for them eternal legends!).


Switching a hunter mythic in and out

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Hhahah im almost at floor 400 now haha but need to lvl up my rogue again to 50 so i can continue haha

Woo Woo got dat ascension then I see :3 they’re so useful :heart_eyes:

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I don’t ascend my power character. I only ascend my farming toon.

Do you farm with a hireling?

Do you farm with a hireling?

Yes. What I do is control my farming character and have my power toon kill mobs.

My current setup is a taunt farming warrior and a freeze boomerang/whirling blades rogue. Taunt synergize well with my power toon. I get 800k - 1.2mil gold per minimum 120% pack size map. Plus 1 crystal legend per 3 maps. I farm with maps from floor 200 - 300.

I farm the same style as you. :+1:t2:

Just wonder why you choose not to ascend your power character since a hireling’s luck, gold find, & item drops are factored in farming stats. Recommend at least grab the fortunate perk. The dealer perk works on hireling as well.

Oh yeah I forgot about that fact. My bad. Thanks for reminding me.

My 3rd character is still so weak tho (lv60+ wizard on floor 40+). So I can’t really go and ascend my power toon which I use to kill mobs. Leveling without a hireling seems like a real hassle.

Tip if you r interested. Level your newer toon as a hireling, that way you can play any floor that your highest level character has reached. Use the basic gear that the new toon comes with & put a quest stone on every piece of gear so can have 200% max experience. Add basic defensive affixes such as dodge/block/health if you like. Find a floor on which hireling can survive without dying too much (I like 181-185).

It takes me about 30 mins to get to level 50 with this method. Then I can wear my 100 level gear again. Makes ascending a little less painful, at least through the 1st 3-4 ascensions.

Wooott2 i farm with hireling too hahahah it increases my luck and goldfind hahahah