What are the best mythics to use?

I’m thinking bombard for my mh but I don’t really now what else(I use warrior)

It simply depends on your build they’re all different and the best mythics for them vary wildly :smile:

It all depend on ur build if ur a whirlwind build arc is better to hit mobs ahead of u… if ur toss build w/ living forcr then cosmic orb is good for u “good aoe dps”

cosmic orb :slight_smile:

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I like & use all 3 mentioned. Fun!

sad thing can only use 1 at a single time lol

Cyclone will make you win everything. :thumbsup:

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Lmao true^ (don’t use cyclone)

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the power of cyclone :blush:

im struggling thru floors 430+, will cyclone help me reach 500?

P.s. i am trying to use a high crit% + crit dam. build

Cyclone is similar to the Whirlwind Skill of Warrior. I used Nova on OH for awhile while Ascending, and I really liked it. I have used Arc, but it didn’t go with the build I had. I have used a few others, and at the moment, I find I really like using Earthquake. Weapon Mythic are like anything else on your equipment. do you like using it and does it go well with the build as a whole? but you have to remember, they act like Proc’s, so they aren’t always there when you need them, but when they are, they make a difference. most of them have 30% chance to proc, and with 2x Master MS (+10% Proc chance each) you can get up to 50% chance to proc your weapon mythic every second.

@DomR one good thing about climbing floors is learning how to kill monsters, because they keep getting tougher. affixes for more crit chance and damage, better weapon damage or elemental damage & elemental crit damage, Sets that increase damage, crushing blow, glasscannon-push the limit-barbarian, and there are a lot of other ways to boost damage. it’s just that with a pet, there are only 42 spaces to put affixes in. and then there are Normal, Epic, Legend, and Crystal affixes, Myth Stones and Mythic Affixes, so there are a lot of combinations. more Hero Points in Weapon Skills or Talents that improve damage, it can get kind of crazy.

try 60% Crit Chance with +350% Crit Damage, with 60% Deadly Strike, and add Brutal Mythic to your Chest item (increase Deadly Strike to 3x Crit Damage instead of 2x). this will take up at least 15 spaces and 2 Death Natures using only Epic affixes and Brutal Mythic. if you can get +45% Crystal Crit Chance & +225% Crystal Crit Damage with 2 Epic +75% Crit Damage & 2x +30% Crystal Deadly Strike and the Brutal Mythic, that is only 7 spaces and 2 Death Natures, giving you 8 extra spaces for other affixes to kill monster with. this will only get you so far, but it is a start, and will help you get a good understanding of putting nice damage affixes on your build to kill monsters with. all that crit stuff was how I started my moving up in the world of becoming a Monster Killer.


Cyclone is bobbins ( i.e rubbish)

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