What are your favorite mythics for pvp on each item? And why?

And please just dont say sanctuary on an amulet, im sure if I did not say that 90% of us would say it. But any how I am intrested to see whats most popular. And if you guys want im also intrested to hear your thoughts on pve mytchics and item combos. One of my favorites being golexes gauntlet and discordance for example.

i like skilled+fury for pvp (for ricochet or barrage build)

I personaly favor discordance. For both pve and pvp

In my warrior
Im using fury+harmony+Permafrost(set/(endure) with hatchet OH
Exphosed on Armor,Vanish on OH, Apocalypse on MH

Barrage skilled+alchemy
Pistol Ruptured(talent Razored)+alchemy

Tank Bloodmagic/Fury,enigma

That first one is really a genius build i have to say. I like it.

I do pve with rouge ninja scoundriel
Mythic skill : ruptured/exphosed , alchemy+desperation, sanctuary , MH Cosmic orb
The gameplay : hold basic atk/quick atk,no need another skill
Including eternal Voute OH

Hmm so in a sence, you have infinite mana and a nutty damag3 out put. Cool.

Many way to make Infinite mana,you can use fury,energy,mana on hit,mana regen etc