What build for a new player?


what build would you tell me to play?
I would like to have a character, that can easy rush throug all floors and can get some nice equipment fast…

I really like to play the flintlock roque but I think, it´s not the best/easiest for a beginner?

And how does the hireling work?
I can´t buy it - when i push the button, nothing happens…

Do you have more than one character already?

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Buy a slot for each type and play with them to see which one(s) you like. I have 1 of each, and I like being able to switch them in and out to play different ways. It keeps things from getting old, and getting each one up to 99 is just another goall you can have.

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Good morning!

I can´t buy another character…
When I hit the purchase another char slot - nothing happens and I don´t know why…

Now I try to play a mage with these skullshield(easy going on easy)…

Maybe I could say it easy, what I want:

I want to have a heroe, that can easy farm legendarys / crystals / mythstones without pushing buttons too much…

I really like the flintrock-roque, BUT I guess, it needs some good equipment to have fun on later stages with.

Any help is appreciated!

Maybe this one is good?

Wiz with skull just run around and let skull do their thing… Skull must have explosive affix