What do i need for farming build?

What do i need to make a good farming build?

Luck, gold find,high itens drop rate, eternalized set affix, epiphany, cristalize set affix, dmg, ALOT of it, dodge/block and you are god to go, all this if you have resources for building it, if dont, just some dmg, mithyc 3 lvl 200+ and go for it👍!


In order block and dodge and damage for survival and kill abilty. Then lots of luck till you find eternal or christaline or nadroji sets. They kind of replace luck as an affix. Then it’s block dodge and damage again. You come full circle


my farm build was a journey of learning. Fortune Skill is usually first. then later Luck, Gold Find with Fortune Skill, and maybe Greed & Luck Natures. higher difficulty levels give boosts to Luck and Gold find also. increasing item drop rate helps with loot drops a lot. when you start Ascending for Perks, the Fortunate Perk increases Gold Find and Luck 200% over cap, and later the Treasured Perk increases the chance for Crystal Legend and Eternal Drops by 300%. by now you also might have the items with the Farming Sets: Nadroji, Eternalized, Crystalized, and Mythic. some people make one Farm Build that does everything, and others make Farm Builds that focus on what they want to farm. the difficulty with any Farm Build is less space for Defense to stay alive, and Attack to kill monsters. most Farm Builds only need to do well around Floor 500, which is the best area to farm for high level Crystals and Myth Stones, or up to Floor 1,000, to get the Legend/Eternal Items that are only found up that high. Farming past Floor 1,010 isn’t worth it. at that point, your Builds should only be about killing monsters and defense.

Poison type, cloud skill Poison type items