What do you guys think of patch

I personally like the update as does anybody because it can be a bit smoother with shadows . I personally think the game looks only a little worse but it is justified or maybe better looking with less lighting. It’s just me being subjective though .

Still the highest settings look really nice as does the lowest settings look decent even after this update to patch 3?0 but smoother than usual. It probably means ultra low shadows will be smooth too.

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:heart_eyes: waiting for it

It’s already out. Unless you’re in different location or something?

It’s hard to say whether the Force GPU rendering on Developer settings of android is worth it on DQ. It seems to perform just about the same but probably a little worse using the GPU. It’s hard to say since I’m not too sure. Now that things are little less demanding, maybe but I still find better experience without it sometimes.
One time I find it helped alot, other times not really.

:heart_eyes: will update later thanks bro

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Your dream come true xD. CV nerf/ change xD. Actually the “nerf” kind of makes it harder for my vaulting rogue Will of the Force build but easier for slower builds to escape sometimes.

Makes some battles more exciting and deadlier but not too hard. The internal CD is gone from CV so it will happen more but it has a distance to get to you so you have time to easily escape. You’d still have to be careful though.

For A.I builds, maybe more chance of victory as well . Probably more flexibility in PvP arena builds too.

Not enough experience playing game. Just started. But, game is hella cool. :slight_smile:

I am currently trying to squash the shadow issues with the in game options. I think it might be tied to android OS version but I cannot confirm that.

Also there is an issue with the “Auto reveal map” IAP not removing ads. Looking into that issue as well.

it freeze the game when the CV torrent is going more and more :heart_eyes: but now the no shadow and low fx light is very good graphics become smooth like high fx

Strangely, my shadow settings keep failing. Choose disable shadows, they are still there.

On shield tv, s6, and galaxy tab

yeah me to but its ok for me smoothness and light graphics is more important :heart_eyes:

Yeah because before, even with the overclocked frequencies and highest frequencies on my phone , I still stuttered and may even though I felt I shouldn’t. That update solved my issues. Now I can run dq smoothly even on really low clock speeds or high speeds on GPU and CPU. Also more battery savings and getting more done in DQ. Lag does slow you down and therefore when you lose battery , you also lose time to finish more floors. So far I haven’t seen any zombies yet. Even with DVFS disabled as well, though disabled eggs helped me out a bit and higher storage speeds.

As they same, time is money.

I think this patch removed a form of auto anti-aliasing as it seems that the enemies are only a little more jagged but it doesn’t bother me and even the highest settings, it’s hard to even notice but smooth even at high settings. No lag or very little is very good.
The anti aliasing is still there but it’s not as intensive and it is only seen at higher settings . At lower settings, it’s barely seen but that also means the game runs smoother.

I think instead of me running 30fps for a while, I think it’s 60fps now mostly or in the middle since it feels much faster and smoother when fighting pack size.
I do actually think DQ looks nicer with the performance changes on high settings and only a little worse on low fx but better performance either way.

Nothing too special but it removed the shadow bug that was annoying me all the time because i have to go to settings over and over again just to disable the shadows so it wont lag much which is pretty awesome!

Lag in general is reduced though regardless. Even on highest settings, less lag than before. CV changed too which is huge.

Yess ive noticed that too. The ghost bug also reduced but when my phone has low battery it tends to worsen every time xD . like all the monsters i kill become ghost and my dumb hireling keeps hitting them.

I wish the devs could make a patch that enables my hireling to ignore ghost mobs. Huhuhuh.

Did they nerf CV again?

The phone tries to reduce CPU power and GPU power when battery low, consequently reducing performance. Power saving mode does this too sometimes. It’s an effort to save a bit of juice of battery life basically.

If you have 20% left, it’s best to charge instead of carry on playing sometimes. Charging while playing on DQ is fine but reduces battery life unless you don’t care about it. The heat from playing while charging is why.

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Oh so thats why…:hushed:

What i cant understand is why my shield loses framerate, even with the shadows. But regardless, all 3 of my android devices have same issue. The shadow settings dont stick. Turn em off, and they come back. Lol.

What i did was go to a random map, go to options and changed the settings on shadow to disable shadow then go to main menu.

After that when i open another map the shadow doesn’t appear anymore.

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Yea, that works… until i close game and play later, then gotta do the loop again. Lol. Ty