What do you think?

in pvp.
I always put 30% element critical chance in all items.
so that it will have high chance to element crit in pvp.
i mean this is the calcu. but i’m not sure if there is a cap for element cirt chance.

30% will be 10% in pvp, so (10%)(6)=60%
see high chance :smiley:
is it bad?

The cap for PvE is 40%. In PvP it is even lower (just refer to the popup for the specific percent, I don’t PvP much anyway)

i.e. you are beyond cap and wasting your slots

each perfect roll for elemental crit is 30%. the cap in PvE (campaign mode) is 40%. with 6 elemental crit u have 180% but it only use/take 40% at max, basicly u waste 140% of it. and for arena it already writen in battle arena FAQ made by zzvilzz that elemental crit cap is 18% so basicly in arena u waste 42%.

This my suggestion, when u make 1 build for pvp or pve always look at the cap so u not waste any slot. keep all copies of what info given so u can use it to refer.

Oh. really i dont know that.
btw. thank you for telling me :smiley:

btw. where can i see those caps?
is there a link for it?

There isn’t but you can see the value, enclosed in brackets, from the all stats page.

Does elementcritdmg have cap? When it reach 200% it turn into orange, but still you can go higher and there’s no enclosed value with brackets

It doesn’t have a cap

Tnx for the quick answer :wink:

Arena affix cap list :slight_smile: Have fun!

Atk Speed Cap: 24
Multi Attack Cap: 2
Crit Cap: 24
CritDmg Cap: 140
Mana Regen Cap: 12000
Mana On Hit Cap: 800
Health Regen Cap: 12000
Health On Hit Cap: 800
Gold Find Cap: 260
Magic Find Cap: 260
Extra Attack Cap: 2
Dodge Cap: 24
Block Cap: 24
Glasscannon Cap: 40
AoE Range Cap: 8
Explode Cap: 800
ManaAbsorb Cap: 16
All Skills Cap: 5
Elemental Critical Cap: 16
All Sets Cap: 2
Bleed Cap: 24
CrushingBlow Cap: 24
DeadlyStrike Cap: 24
ElementalWeaken Cap: 24
Life Percent Cap: 80
CD Percent Cap: 24
Mana Percent Cap: 80
All Talent Boost Cap: 5
Clearcast Cap: 24
Reduced Cost Cap: 24
All Proc Cap: 8
Piercing Cap: 24
Mana Leech Cap: 2
Health Leech Cap: 2


Thanks refia, thats gonna help soooo much :innocent: can make any other builds i decide to make based around caps properly now :slight_smile:

Also does anyone know if harmony mythic for head slot, increase hp/mp regen past cap?

My elemental critical is 60%. On the “Offense” page, it shows green 60% (supposed to be orange if 40% is the cap). But on the “All stats” page, it shows an orange 40%. Why is that so…? (sorry I’m a noob)

Perhaps this is a display issue we have overlooked. On version 1.8 the cap was 60%, but on version 2.0 that was reduced to 40%. 40% is supposed to be the correct cap.

awesome, thanks for clearing it up C:

look at your hat, what talent u use. im pretty sure u use wizardly at rank 20: 20% chance to cause element crit. it is talent not affix, so the percent chance from talent not effected by elemental crit. it same like movement speed for warrior, even if u already have affix equal to cap [50%] if u use zealous or something like that (not remember the name) it still will increase your movement speed. the only different is movement speed have hidden value cap so u cant go beyond that cap with all indirect boost like zealous, zealotry, advanturer, sprint, summon, sheildwall, stealth eth. while elemental have or dont have hidden value cap. (this one u need to ask dev i guess)

ty. guys

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