What does DoT means?

Like in topic, what does DoT means? Is it damage on target?

DoT for us equal any “over time” effect.

All over time effects are affected by Fester ( duration ), and all the following are affected by Sorcery ( increases damage for Fire and Shock, chance of Shock jumping, and slow speed of Ice ).
[color=#00FFFF]Ice:[/color] Reduces movement by 50% over 8 seconds
[color=#FF4000]Fire:[/color] adds an additional 80% damage over 2 seconds
[color=#00BF00]Poison:[/color] adds an additional 80% damage over 8 seconds
[color=#FFFF40]Shock:[/color] 50% ( and after first jump 25% ) Chance to chain additional shock bolts to nearby enemies

Other effects that last over time:
[color=#FF00BF]Ascendent:[/color] Increases damage dealt by other elements by 12.5% per rank of Ascendent
[color=#FF0000]Bleed:[/color] adds an additional 100% damage over 10 seconds.

Thank you very much:-)