What element for pvp?

I was thinking about a pvp build, what elements work the best in it?

Nvm the top 3 players all using electric lol

Ice or Shock.

Shock = 50% more damage
Ice = enemy slowed, enemy deals 25% less damage

So Shock for DMG and Ice for control :wink: Ice can be very good with a bit of ECrit. Freeze is very strong for control.

Fire and Poison unfortunately are not good.

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Thanks for your help!

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I’m gonna make a dagger build

Whatever element you want sugar plumb :joy:
But in all fairness they’re all good, even arcane can be good if you use it well enough especially since they added the arcanist set… Its effect may be weak but big things come in little packages :wink:

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shock for extra dmg

Lol. There reason why Ascendant PvP build can sometimes do well like how LarryBird do quite well for a good amount of time with it.

Fire is hugely nerfed by Perseverance but there’s always that one guy who uses it and then there’s the A.I setups in 2v2 if clever enough.

Poison,well it’s generally considered bad for a long time but there’s always someone who finds a way. Ascendant build for example and even Arcane has its chances.

Main Element easiest is Shock though due to 50% extra DMG by stack Debuff and Ice for control and damage reduction.