What element to use?

What are the pros and cons of each weapon element… I currently use ice

For PvE you should use poison or ice at all times because of the frozen affix and the plagued affix these allow for rapid damage multiplication :smile:

Thanks :+1:

hi griffin…also new here…
you say that use poison or ice…but i use all elements opposite base on my enemy, like floor 1 to 5(poison mobs), i used electric element. for fire i used ice…is it ok if i only used both ice and poison to all elements?
sorry for bad english.ty

I’m experimenting with a setup, using a warrior main with luck/gold find, and a wiz/rogue for hireling.
The wizard is using a reactor poison build.
The rogue a bow/Ice explosion build.

I still have a long way to go gear-wise on the rogue, compared to the wizard, but the rate my rogue takes down enemies is just WICKED, compared to the wizard build I have atleast, and the frozen effect prevents a LOT of dmg on my main, given that the mobs cant move.
For @xanthiya - in my experience its not worth it, building specific sets for different kinds of resists. Some affixes makes resists obsolete - for example: ‘ignore resist’(epic affix) and ‘Effective’ (mythic affix) and probably a few more, that I haven’t learned about yet.


This strategy is fine early one but once you start getting plagued or frozen gear it becomes outclassed by sticking to the ice or poison element and picking up the ignore resists affix as @wack said :smile:

ty…may i ask what kind of gear to wear so that i could gain/loot rare items like legend/eternal/mythic items? can you please send me a gear guide for this for all character?ty.

Read the Codex legendex & dictionary sections. THere are set items available on gear that increase chances to find these items. Nadrogi, mythical, Eternalized, and crystalline.

thANk you… but im only lvl 38.i think having an items like that is very hard to find at my current lvl.having luck affix in gear can help find rare items?