What grade is this equipment?


Hi, sorry i was new. I so far i get green equipment. Its eternal. What is this light nlue item grade??


Crystalline affix, make the item light blue, mythic affix makes purple😉!


Thanks. So highest grade is light blue or purple? :thinking:


that isn’t the way it goes. as far as grading items goes…
Grey-Normal, Blue-Magic, Yellow-Rare, Orange-Epic. these are your low end common items.
Red-Legend, Light Blue-Legend with Crystal Affix, Green-Eternal (some can also have a Crystal affix, but item stays Green), Purple-Mythic. these are all considered high end rare items. the Legend items drop the most, the Legends with Crystal affixes and the Eternal items are rarer drops, and the Mythic items are crafted by players using a recipe that requires 4 Myth Stones to make.
all items can be modified in some way with Crystals and Myth Stones, except Eternal items. Eternal items double the value of the affixes on them (except for Crystal affixes), but the penalty is that many Crystals can’t be used on them, and only Eternal items with sockets can have Myth Stones added to them. there are 2 Eternal items in each class, a MH weapon and a head item, that can have a Mythic affix added to them (think Purple item), but because of the restrictions on the Crystals that can be used, it might take a few tries at crafting to get the affixes you want on them. Crystal affixes are an affix that has 3x value, except the HP/MP on hit, which is 2x, but you can only have 1 of these per item, for 6 total on your equipment (can’t put one on pet). you can either find an item with a Crystal affix or use the Obsidian Crystal to put one on your gear.


Eternal is the highest grade but it doesn’t mean its the best. As you can’t edit the stats.

I would say epic, legendary crystal and mytic any editable item us the best you can get as you can edit stats depend on your build.


Thanks for the dept explanation. I think i get it. I should start try edit it haha. I look back my Codex Mythic its still 0/40. To unlock i need Zicon crystal. I already hit 200floor but my crystal collection stopped at [Amber]. At what floor zicon drop? :thinking:


at level 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500, you stop getting 1 of the lower Crystals, and better chances at the higher ones. so at floor 100, you don’t get Calcite anymore, but better chances at the next higher Crystal that you weren’t getting before. and at floor 500, you don’t get the lowest 5 Crystals, but better chances for all the higher Crystals… the top 4 Crystals are still hard to drop, but with max Luck, and the Crystaline Set, better chances. if you convert Legend items to Crystals, you get the Rare ones. if you convert Eternal or Crystal Legend items, you can get the Ultra Rare Crystals. converting Legend items to Crystals cost 245,000 gold each, and the other 2 are 500,000 gold each. lower tier items (below Legend) cost less gold, but not a 100% chance to get a Crystal. it will show you what your chance is to get a Crystal when you hit the button, and you can cancel if you are not sure you want to do it.


Thanks for your time again for the explanation golem. :slightly_smiling_face:It definitely help me a lot understand it.


no problem. the numbers on the Crystals are the lowest floors they can be found on. also, the more powerful Crystals have lower chances to drop than less powerful ones. Luck increases the chances of the powerful/rare Crystals dropping, and of course there are those Sets that improve your chances even more. even if you have all your Crystal Farming gear maxed out, the Ultra Rare Crystals still drop infrequently. even converting Legend and Eternal items to Crystals, Amethyst and Obsidian Crystals are still hard to get. floor 500-510 is best for farming the Ultra Rare Crystals.