What I have so far

Hi I just want to ask if I’m doing things right. I already reached 200th floor and now I’m farming from floor 150 on challange maps and these are the items that I have so far.

What do you think? I also want to ask what are the items to look for? Like for example I didn’t know nandoji and crystalline are good so I sold them It’s unfortunate but I sold a lot of them. Actually I sell most items I get. I compare my equips with the new loot and if it’s not better I sell them. I converted them at first but I thought it cost too much money.

I don’t enchant maps and use Larimar like what I read here in the forum. Should I?

How come I can’t use crystals on the green one (eternal hellfire). I’m bummed I can’t make the item level 100. I’m also thinking of making a hunter ring but I don’t know what other affixes I should look for in the ring I’m making. Anyways, thank you for the help

Looks good so far. What’s your wiz’s main skill?

Oh? I’m not sure what you’re asking. I guess it’s Blast or Twister?

Well, I was asking about the skills you personally prefer. Methodically speaking, item building should start with that. Say, for example, twister. Twister can suck in groups of enemies with a short cooldown (my favorite scooping skill actually), so you should complement it with something which works wonders on tight groups of enemies, like EarthShatter proc or Toxic clouds.

Hope you got the gist of it

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Meteor, maybe.

That’s up to you. Using Larimar on maps is a risk, considering there are affixes like skyfall and tnt.

Eternal legends cannot be altered; they were made that way because, at a certain point, normal legendaries become useless, and, at +50% Quality, they become quite a bit better.

If you’re making the Hunter Ring and you plan on wearing always while farming, I recommend starting with a Nadroji Ring, removing all but the All Sets +2 and Nadroji, putting four slots in it with Zircons, put the mythic skill on it, and put Luck, Item Drop, Gold Find, and another socket for an Elixer (+2 Sets) on it. If you’re just looking to have the Hunter skill, just grab a normal ring with four slots and Hunter on it. That’s what I did. Although, if I could do the former, I would.

You also seem kind of like a glass cannon. Try to incorporate a defense aspect of some sort into your build. Also, these help alot (found on forum):

Left is salvage, right is convert, X is keep.

Just my two cents. :wink: Good luck.

I get the concept but I don’t know which complements which. What’s earthshatter proc, toxic clouds and meteor and how do I get it?

EarthShatter proc is an item affix which gives a chance to cast the EarthShatter skill per second. Since Twister has a 2 second cooldown by default, one EarthShatter proc gives you roughly 50% to cast EarthShatter for every Twister you cast, and roughly almost all the time if you have two!

Since you scoop up enemies with twister, the craters EarthShatter spawns will overlap, increasing in power as more enemies get scooped!

Same logic applies with Toxic cloud, but this time it’s not a proc. The toxic clouds will overlap too, but this time you’ll need a decent amount of Toxic affixes. Better yet, the red Elemental Critical will do the job perfectly.

As you play the game you’ll encounter various equipment. Do try them out when you have the spare time. Some more hours in and all this will become a secondary sense to you

How do I craft Nadroji?

“removing all but the All Sets +2” “another socket for an Elixer (+2 Sets) on it” Will you explain this further please.

I don’t quite get this picture. So I can convert a weapon and get a random one of a different class?

I see. I currently have something that’s called Storm proc and it’s pretty strong too. So basically ‘procs’ are passive skills that activate by chance and toxic cloud is an active skill?

There are two types of chance affixes: procs and on-hits.

Procs activate more often the more cooldown your skill has, as an example I used the EarthShatter and the Twister above.

On-hits, on the other hand, activate often the faster your skill hits. Examples would be the Toxic, other elemental criticals and explosive.

I get it now. Will try to get earthshatter. It’s a legend affix, yes? Thanks mate

There’s a gem called Jasper. It’ll convert a weapon to a different class’s weapon. That is just a chart for that.

There’s also another gem called a Zircon. It will put a socket in the piece of gear that it is used on. Sockets are what you put Mythstones in.

You can change what’s on your gear completely using crystals. The best gear is made from scratch with a good base.

Nadroji is a set affix that occurs only on certain gear with Nadroji in the name. You can find the items in your game’s codex under LegendEx. The Nadroji Ring had an affix that says “All Sets +2”. This means that all set affixes on your gear, the green affixes, are increased in rank by two. For example, a Mythical set affix increases Mythstone rarity by 7.5%. With the set increased by two, that percentage would become 22.5%.


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Thank you! How can you tell if an item makes a good base?

Generally, good base items are items with affixes you cannot obtain from crystals. Elemental Damage % is the most famous example

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These are good guides on the forum for that kind of thing.

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I found some items. Could you please tell me which ones are worth keeping and the ones that should be salvaged. Thanks!