What if Crushing Flames + Frozen has been both used?


@Short hahaha now that freaking song is stuck in my head.

Now remember @Short this is all your fault :sweat_smile:


I’ve got and idea…just only one fire gear with a proc or fire weap…and the Crushing flames effect will help you crush and explode some mobs.:smiling_imp:


Greek Fire :fire: We still do not know how that was made even today. :eyes:


Mexican fire is where it’s at.

Mmm, molé.


cold fusion . Poison + ice = nuclear winter. M-M-MONSTOR KILL! - quake sounds, best sounds.


with elem crit…i forgot to add…:sweat_smile::joy:
crushing flames’ crushing blow’s dmg will only take effect on immolated enemies…hehe


Blazing Fiery Chilly Froze----Blazing Frozen----(Frozen Ablaze) I hope it helps :grin::+1:


Gulag :joy::joy::joy:


BTW can enemies be affected by two or more elements at the same time like enemies being frozen and immolated at the same time atleast?