What if Crushing Flames + Frozen has been both used?


what if i use both crushing flames ang frozen set…fire MH ice OH
and the killing will go like this:
crush crush til the hp of mobs will become 10% below(on higher floors)
then use taunt(on yur OH)
any suggestion before i make a new hybrid build will help me a lot
TIA :sweat_smile: :grin:


Can be like this 3.0 Rouge FROZEN CROSS-FIRE Farm Build


CF and Frozen is OP :sob: you can 1hit delete small enemy :sob: not like crush crush crush :joy: it’s only 1 crush(1hitdelete) :joy:


Yep. Gave it a try and its pretty cool! Powerful as well.


What if i use crushing build on my main char then my hireling uses frozen build, is there any advantage or disadvantage? :slight_smile: :sweat_smile:


use the OH first, to Freeze the enemy first. then use the MH with Crushing Blow/Crushing Flames. if the Crushing flames kills the enemy while it is Frozen, the enemy will explode for the extra damage from the Frozen Set based on the damage that killed it from Crushing Flames. if you have Frostbitten, that will increase the damage Frozen does, and if you have Blistering, that is extra Bleed damage from the Immolation that causes Crushing Flames. lots of damage potential there, even without Blistering. could just go with extra Frostbitten for lots of extra damage without the need for Bleed from Blistering.


Indeed :thumbsup: .


As i suspected lol​:joy::joy::joy:burning frost or freezing fire should you call it​:joy::joy::joy:


So what’s the best name for it?:grinning:


Freezer burn


Crushing frost or frame(shorten of frost and flame):joy:


Cold fire maybe is good?


Chill blazes. BLAZING CHILLS. Snow man’s revenge .


Yes. Also I heard freezer burn in rwby as some sort of fight combo with ice +fire.


Freezing Flames. Iceburn (like the set name).


Icehot build, is cool!


Hot ice. Molten ice


Vanilla ice. Lol


Frozen Lava!


Hellish ice​:laughing::laughing::laughing: