What if


So i noticed the report cheaters and hackers recently hit 1000 replies so its clearly a bit of an issue.

What if players had to upload a build for reviewing purposes before theyre allowed to play?

This way you could make a lil program to check eternals are not edited, items are legit (one of crystal, set, mythic, etc. Affix) legend pets indeed have the correct set affix and overall that items are legit.

You wouldnt even need to save this information on your own servers, just make a cheeky lil hidden variable in the users device that holds approved items

Every time an item is edited, it is removed from said list.

Ps if you decide to do this and add an update, pretty please fix the black maps :joy: i canny see


There are so many solutions that we tried/talked about on our end but we still come back to the fact that since the user can edit the data on their device, we cannot take an strict measure to protect the data while we have a “Device authoritative” system in place instead of a “server authoritative” one.

In an server authoritative set up we could keep that list on our server (free from being edited by the player) and each time the user tries to play their data would be compared to our “good list” and data that fails that check could be rejected.

That would require the player (and all players) to be 100% connected to the internet at all times when they play the game.

Black map? You referring to a challenge map that you open and it appears all black (you cannot see the floor) on your device?


Yea, i seem to get the bug in probably 5-10% of the maps i play

And its always a struggle when theres no simple solutions…


Also, ftr, I do believe there is some sort of basic item checker in the game, but obviously, it doesn’t catch a lot of stuff (in part due to legacy items.)