What is a Green weapon?

I got a green wand called Eternal Fortune and i looked at the wiki and the forums and it doesnt say anything. What is green gear?

It’s an eternal items. Eternals have a quality of 50%, and very high level affixes, but can not be edited.

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Well congrats for finding one! Those are rare as fu__. Its usefulness, however, is a completely different matter…

Seriously ? A question about eternals …
This is not like its a little known obscurity, its an integral part of the game !

There is no need to even say " use the search function " , this is just marginally better than asking what a warrior or rogue is.

Eternals are new! (1.8.0 or higher only) They are not in the dictionary. =P

Agree on the wiki, but on forum…

Anyway we use to call it “eternals” without talking that much about the color, so it doesn’t surprise me that much :laughing:

But there is a ton of things about them in the patch notes of the 1.8 wrote by steigerbox :dieter: