What is ascension I?

if i buy this ascension thingy do i stilll keep my items or it will be deleted too? sorry bad english :smile:

They won’t. Think I answered another of your posts recently, I had no problems Ascending, got Rogue warrior and wizard all eternal ascension :slight_smile:

Ascension I means it’s the first level of ascension. If you ascend:

  1. Your level will be reset to one and your stat points will also be reset
  2. The exp you need to gain for you to be able to reach level 99 again and ascend for a second time will increase.(1st ascension=exp2, 2nd ascension=exp3 and so on). The gold cost for buying the ascension perk will (edit)rise by 5million per ascension(1st=5million, 2nd=10million, 3rd=15million and so on)
  3. Your currently equipped items(including your pet) will be unequipped and put into your inventory and you can only re-equip them when you’re at a level which is half their level(for example, your gear before ascension is lvl 98, this means after you ascend you will need to reach lvl 49 before you can equip them again. same goes for all other gear, you can only equip them when your lvl is half of their item lvl). NOTE: if you do not have enough bag space, you will not be able to ascend. There will be a pop-up from the menu/shop saying you do not have enough space to ascend(or something like that).
  4. Your heroic points and all your other items, boosts and feats will not be affected AFAIK.
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ok thanks <3

ok thanks :*

ur welcome :grin: good luck on your ascension!

oh i also forgot to mention that you can ascend for a max of 6 times(so you will be reset 6 times) because there are 6 perks in the shop which you can choose from in any order you want. Be mindful of what perk you’d want first because it will take longer and longer to level up for each ascension.

When you said the cost is doubled per ascension actually, the cost adds by 5M per ascension.

The example. First ascension is 5Million gold, 2nd ascension is 5+5=10Million gold,
3rd is 15 million gold, 4th ascension is 20million gold, 5th ascension is 25 million gold and 6th ascension is 30 million gold. I know from experience because I got at least two characters to eternal ascension, one of which are level99 and the other is still on its way but I didn’t feel bothered to exp farm for some time.

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thanks for that! i’ll edit right away to prevent confusion

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Wow . i thought 99 was it.