What is best thing I can buy to remove ads?

So from what I saw, the cheapest deal is 0.99$
I can guess that the best thing will be character slot
And other suggestions? Any QoL things (I saw stash bundle, is it worth it)?

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Character Slot. up to you how many you want. 1 extra is usual, 2 extra if you want one of each Class. all 5 extra if you go crazy like me.

Permanent Map Reveal. if you like seeing the area around you without having to spend Gold, like me.

the Premium Stashes are up to you. this gives you +1 or +2 spaces. I found out I hoard Items for some reason, so I got them.

the Crystal & Myth Stone Stash is really good. they’re sorted by Rarity and when picked up, go straight to their respective slots. plus this open up to 40 spaces in your original inventory, or opens up the space in your extra Stashes (if you were putting them there), and you also don’t have to manually move them around anymore. this is probably a better deal than the other Premium Stashes as far as usefulness.

buying a Pet isn’t really worth it, as after playing for awhile, you end up with lots of Pets defeating Enslavers.

Character Vanities. there are many you can get using Gold, plus the Halloween & Christmas Vanities you get on those Holidays. up to you if you want any of the $ Vanities.

Pet Vanities. you can change your Pets Vanity to another Classes Vanity if you want with Gold. the Angelic & Demonic Pet Vanities are $. some Legend Pets can be found with a certain Vanity, just look in the Pet section of the LegendEx. I am thinking of getting at least one of my Hounds changed to a Demonic Hound Vanity.

Gold Purchases. that’s up to you. gives you a head start with anything needing Gold. or just wait until you can Craft a good Farm Build to get lots of Gold for free.

you can buy Boosts. I don’t think it’s worth it to spend $ for Boosts, but other Players do think it’s worth it. if you do spend $ on Boosts, consider which ones you want. most players usually get the Monster Boost to get an Enslaver on every Map to speed up getting Legend & Eternal Pets with their Pet Farming Builds (at least that’s the one that is usually discussed in the Forum). if you want to get more than 3 Boosts, just get the Multi Boost, which gives all of them, but for only 1 hour, versus 2 hours getting them individually (at least that’s what is says in the Shop).

hope this helps. welcome to DQ Forums @4i4ero !


A quick tip regarding removing ads. You would want to purchase a permanent item (like a character slot for example).

This way if you need to install the game again in the future and you do not upload your save game data to the DQ Account, you can restore that purchase on your device, get the slot back and have the ads removed.

Thanks for supporting our game!!


Thank you very much, that’s exactly the type of answer I wanted to get!

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Thank YOU for creating the right Diablo-like game for mobile!
I already bought a character slot, probably will buy another for all three classes (and other QoL-things if I’ll have spare money).

Your game was one of the first that I installed on my first smartphone, and from that point on, I always remembered it.
In the era of mobile games wanting to suck your wallet dry, you guys definitely deserve these money!
Thank you once again for all the good memories!

I’m actually surprised that after all these years, you continue supporting the game.


Map or char slot