What is Download limit

Hi guys. Does anyone know what exact timer / limit is? I play on 3 devices, but mostly on 2.

It hasnt inconvenienced me much, but i have found on occasion that, for eg, i download to my tab, but then my girl doesnt want to watch movies or nothing, so i go to dl to shield and i cant.

Also, i prefer to play on my shield, but sometimes i load onto tablet because its far smoother controls for respec , point assigning, converting mass crystals stones etc.

Shield ui is clunkier from lack of touch support. :frowning:

Just wondering if theres any factual info to clearly show time, limit, etc?


Bump. Really curious how this system works, detailed by devs. Its been close to two hours, yet it has said try again in an hour anytime i check.


Thanks guys. Email support was speedy and helpful. :slight_smile:

The limit is…

There is no download limit,

Download limit means once you download, you have a 3 hour delay (although in some people’s cases, even more ). Rip your account and your DQ life.

3 hour???are you sure???how about my case 2 weeks? Rip my account???ask ttdaniel about it???

spamming downlod will cause it or you do sometime on your end

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Erase make mistake I guess which is why. Not spamming download wouldn’t cause this or some other method .

3 hours is the norm for most people if they download and not everyone downloads a lot and it prevents people from download spamming to reset a mistake with crystals as exploits (unless said people use root and Titanium backup with sharing files but not everyone is like that).

Its all good guys. Contacted support. They explained well, and even gave me a reset so i could get back on the shield. Ty


@CuzegSpiked have you read my comment? 2 weeks not 3 hours. I think you the difference between the 2weeks & 3 hour,. ill tell you the truth ttdaniel do this to my 2 accounts. Ohhh @Eater is here, the one who put me in the banned league. My first taste of being banned. Reported my old vanity which was given by DQ for free. And even comment on my post “contact supportshinybox” trying to help, ridiculous. Do you think i dont i know that you reported me in private/secrecy, a tester told me about it. And ttdaniel accuse me of different issue/case not that vanity, so unprofessional. By the way, i have heard you have a nice pet, they say you edit it. Tell us the truth…

I know tdaniel will close this topic for sure. Just like he did to all my post/comment which is connected to my issue or i would say issues he made for me…

You are cheater, simple. Don’t deny that’s all. Stop complaining so much as well otherwise it could make it worse for you and 2 weeks isn’t that bad. At least it’s not 1 year or 2 years or decades. You keep constantly spamming everywhere about your issue which is getting annoying. Use the email instead.

Also it isn’t cheating to edit a legend pet. It’s a legit feature since patch 3.0 so no I don’t cheat. I don’t edit my eternal pet and anyway they all suck. That Eternal plagued pet was good but still sucks in comparison to my legend pets that I can edit but waste 1000s of crystals constantly to get the right affixes and keep farming.

My PvP pet . It’s good in legend form and better than those eternal pets you call “good”. In fact, they crap. I farmed that gold with lots of effort and dust too (hours and hours). Also it takes a while to get more eternal pets anyway and I haven’t been playing much ever since I’ve been busy on other games and almost quitting.


As far as I can see this is just a topic from a player who asked a question and got an answer. The only problem I have here is that you took the opportunity to make this thread about your issue again.

I have responded to each of your DM’s as well as explaining to you why your account was flagged. I can offer you no other explanation beyond what I already have given.

I am asking you respectfully, at this point, if you have any other comments or questions about your account please send those to me directly and refrain from clouding threads that can other wise help players.



good news

dead zone


Mine’s has always been 3 hours

Iplay with 2 devices very normally so, a bit inconvenient for me

I can understand the reason of rollbacks and crystal abuse

Yeah 3 hours. I’m glad the limit is there for the reasons it is for reducing abuses. Minor inconvenience at best , just wait another 3 hours and back into action.

3 hours here. I go to my local. Upload and download between devices for 3 hours then reverse the process so I can play back home

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