What is everyone using for climbing

I’ve been out of the loop for about a year due to work. Couple questions

1 what is everyone using to climb floors? I been using green garden but seems like its slowed down I’m around floor 400 I use this on hireling with farming warrior main…

2 ascension order I’m working on figuring out the best route?

3 Is everyone using a farming toon still as main? Or can it be hireling now and aquire all its benefits?

I’m actively back and always have page open 24/7 so ill be fast to respond…

(1) I’d check out some of the popular build threads for specifics, High dmg with Freeze has been working well for me at exploding large groups of enemies and doing a lot of damage at once.

Edit: I think once you reach floor 800+, your two main choices (on account of M3 enemies being so powerful) basically come down to poison cloud and Freeze builds; but there’s other unique builds out there that I’ve seen that I’m sure would do the trick. The Mayhem build is what comes to the top of my mind

  1. answers will vary depending on person but I went with Treasured first then Dealer.

  2. I think most people are using main for farming, I don’t know for sure though. I’d be curious to know too.

Dealer, Treasure, Fortune, Hunter Enshrined, Accomplished
Dealer, Accomplished, Treasure, Fortune, Hunter Enshrined

I wouldn’t do that order @Eater
Dealer is to boost gold, and gold is the easiest part to grind and you can ascend your DPS with Dealer, cause it’s the only perk that work in the hireling, while do focus on Drop chances with the Main… And Hunter, cause you can do it with a Ring, should be the last one.
Main: Treasure, Fortunate, Enshrined, Accomplished, Dealer and Hunter.
Hireling: Dealer, Accomplished (So you change it to main when about to do 75% of an accomplish) and other four wouldn’t matter.

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What is the best way to get mythic’s? I know you have to have 4 sockets and a certain gear piece but i haven’t found 1 single 4 socket gear piece

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well, most viable builds so far are those poison and frozen builds. believe or not, i got to 800 M3 with frozen reactor. for the ascencion, prioritize those that cant acquired with equips and that also soothes your gameplay.

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Frozen and plague build for me also is the best for hiking. though u can try arcanist+ascendant (good dmg boost from stacking mobs though dmg is hard to maintain if u kill.mobs fast since dmg inc vanish when mobs die)

@roykiyoy I was looking at your iceberg build, I haven’t made it high enough to get the ephinany items… Thoughts I’m at floor 425 so far

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If you wanna climb quick, just open up a Very Easy mode floor without a hireling (if you have a hireling equipped you can only do Easy and above modes). Then buy a map, then convert it to your highest floor, then go back to the Main Menu and hire a hireling then go back in the game, open said map, and (make sure you have purchased the permanent map showing perk) then run right through to the cartographer don’t stop for anything. Kill it, grab the map and repeat. You’ll clear a hundred floors in 45 minutes or so

Edit: then once you’ve reached your desired floor #, you can just switch difficulties, buy a map and convert it to that floor since you’ve reached it on a different mode