What is more profitable?

What is more profitable, to farm 200-300 room farm build, or 500+ the usual build ?


I still gravitate to floor ~100+ on Mythic 3 (EP8) when I need to pool up crystals, gold or earn dust etc.

  • Max your Luck up to 1012%

  • Max Item Drop up to 350%

  • Max Gold find up to 1012%

  • 1 Eternalized Set

  • 1 Crystalline Set

  • 1 Epiphany Set

  • Nadroji Set(s) with Nadroji 100% enemy rarity bonus {more rare enemies = more legends}. Enemy rarity is 200% below floor 200. :eyes:

  • I use double Imp(s) and pick up only legend gears. Salvage legends to dust or convert for chance of ultra rare crystal. Same with Eternal legends. :four_leaf_clover:

  • Be fast in clearing maps (adventurer set, Sprint OH skill, Rogue Vault, etc). The faster you clear, the more profitable your play time. :+1: :rocket: :trophy:


Depends on your clear speed, if you have a hireling then equip your main character with farming gear and your hireling with a strong floor climbing gear.

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Okay, thanks. )
Another question: is it worth it to farm with a hireling ? And what things to wear on it ?
P.s. sorry for my bad english, cuz im Russian )

I agree @Mr_Scooty. Farming on floor 500 plus is okay if your looking for specific items. However, they take longer to play and you drop less eternal and legends ( the ones you drop are of better quality but for crystal/dust conversion it doesn’t matter). Less costly character revivals too. I gave up at mythic 1300 because I nearly have everything in my codex. Now I want crystals and dust fast. Lower floors for me



используйте информацию, которую я предоставил для основного характера.

Use information I provided yesterday for main character.

попробуйте замороженное повреждение с наемным персонажем

Use hireling for DPS frozen build. :arrow_down:

Try build below (you can make many changes but the base build is still good) -->


Stop, how max cap luck - 1000 ?
On my warrior 850 it max
And why need epiphany set ?

Fortunate perk. 850% is techncially 650% cap with fortunate ascension.

Epiphany: at rank (5), increases cap by 25% so 650% becomes 812.5% cap (812% for simplifying purposes) . With fortunate, thats 1012% luck/gold. Also for item drops, 200% becomes 250% after using Epiphany (5) and with hirling, it would be 300% to 350% because of the 100% item drops bonus.


I use Ephinany @CuzegSpiked suggestion. 5 to crystalline and eternal. 6 to nadroji and 5 to summoner

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I use a deadly sins hireling or one with the same sets as the main. If you want to find deadly sins farm at mythic 3 500+ with a warrior in tow or main. The set drops like confetti at a wedding