What is swap rogue and how does it work?

I saw this a lot recently in pvp discussions. What is the catch of this can some pro explain to me please?

Rogue Mirror Primary Attack - Exchange your position with the closest enemy or allied Mirror Image, dealing 150% (?) OH dmg.

It is a disorientation technique only used by Rogue. While it’s a disorientating technique for opponent, it’s also disorientating for the user. You can become accustomed to using this skill if after you use it many times though. The Rogue has Mirror OH weapon and the primary skill is swap. You “swap” places with your opponent or mirror image… the damage is negligible but can confuse you if you think you are headed in a certain direction but are swapped with opponent. After you experience it a few times, it’s an easy skill to defend.


And if i proc storm and keep spam it on opponent i will interlock the opponent and alsodeal free damage… i wish somebody shares a build of this… sounds pretty charming when paired with a :dagger:

Switch is good on pvp when you are offline and someone is fighting your artificial intelligence . But it’s hard to play live

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Storm is very good on Swapping rogue AI yes.