What is the Best class And A beginner build like best starter weapon

Yo what is the best class for DQ!(not Roblox ofc) I had this game for a while I’m just now playing because my tablet broke so I’m using my iPhone witch can’t download stuff because idk my Apple ID :identification_card: so I’m playing this game I need info abt what class is best for beginners like me so can y’all help me please

Thank you in advance all answers will be apprecited

I think Every class has farm build… I’m play Rogue with bow, my first build was pathfinder bonus set with added Equality. Magician has linked build “inferno - crushing flames” or “druidic - plagued - Equality” with awesome Storm damage. Warrior using Knight’s charge in momentum set as very fast clear build (never use it, can’t say anymore about it)

Wizard starts with a Staff that has a ranged exploding attack to start with, and an Orb that lets you Teleport to move faster or get out of trouble.

Rogue starts with a Bow that has a ranged & piercing arrow to start with, and I think Bomb that lets you Jump to move faster or get out of trouble.

Warrior starts with a Sword with a fast melee Flurry attack to start with, and a Shield that gives +10% Block and a Crush attack that does a lot of damage.

each weapon has 2 Skills, so the other Skills become available as you gain a few levels. you’ll have all Skills available by level 20.

there are 4 Main Hand and 4 Off Hand Weapons for each Class that you can find as Treasure or buy in the Shop with Gold.

as far as being a beginner, it all depends on which Class you like to use, and then which Skills & Weapons combinations you like to use. you’re going to be doing a lot of testing to find out what you like to play with.

I started off using Rogue with Chakram, but Chakram was harder to use than I thought it would be, so went to Wizard with Staff & Orb. I tested the Warrior and didn’t really like the Weapons or most of the Skills. now I’m really good with Wizard with a few of the Weapons and am getting good with the Rogue with Chakram now. plus, I’ve found a Weapon & Skill combination with the Warrior that I finally like using.

Thank you all the class I like is wizard I’m trying to get a wizard sword what floor do I have to be to get one? And do any of y’all know how to get. Internals I’ve got a few legendary‘s and 11 dust. what floor do I have to be on to get. Internals

Eternals have a 1% chance to drop, and that is only if a Legend Item dropped. so high Luck for the Legend. there is a Perk and a Set Affix that increases the chances of a Legend dropping as an Eternal. there is also a Feat, the Mythic Monster Feat, that drops a random Eternal Item if you can defeat it.

How do I get. Luck boost for free? Legend luck boost

except for the Very Easy difficulty level, all the others give a Gold Find, Luck, and Experience bonus (they are affected by their Caps) while at the same time increasing a monsters Health & Damage.

at Mythic 3 Difficulty level, you get +350% Gold Find & Luck, so you only need +300% between Affixes, Natures, and Fortune Skill… this will get you up to the +650% Cap. the Fortunate Perk gives +200% over Cap for Luck & Gold Find for +850%. Epiphany Set increases an affixes Cap by +5% per Rank.

the Treasured Perk increases the chance of Eternal and Crystal Items dropping by +300%.

Eternalized Set increases the chance of Eternal Item Drops by +50% per Rank.

Crystalline Set increases the chance of Crystal Item Drops by +50% per Rank and also +7.5% per Rank for higher Tier Crystals to drop.

basically, Luck affix increases the chances of an Item to drop as a Legend Item. each Legend Item has a 1% chance to drop as an Eternal Item, a Crystal Item, or an Eternal Crystal Item.

if you have an Imp Pet, you could go to Options and set your Pick Up Items to Legend+. this will cause the Imp to pick up all other Items and convert them to the next higher Tier Item at a 5:1 ratio, eventually converting 5 Epic Items to 1 Legend Item. and that Item also has a chance to be an Eternal Item. sometime, while doing conversions, the Imp will also drop Gold, Crystals, Orbs, and I’m not sure if it will also drop Myth Stones (I haven’t noticed that yet).

My first proper, and favorite build to this day, is a electric discordance mythic plus twister, picture a long range, stacking aoe, infinite stun lock lasernado, with the ability to garentee a dodge to any atack and teleport.

Is this imp good enough

Like this?

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It worked

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yeah, like that. the downside is that the Imp transforms all of your picked up Items into Legend Items eventually, so you can’t sell them for Gold. the Imp also drops some Gold when making the Conversions, but not as much as when you sell Items in the Shop.

you could always sell unwanted Legends for Gold or spend Gold to Convert them to Dust or a Crystal.

How do I get crystals items please tell me

Imp still works




you can use the Jasper Crystal to change an Items Class.

Crystal Items have the same chance to drop as Eternal Items. Treasured Perk and Crystalline Set can improve the chances of them dropping. if a Legend Item doesn’t have an affix on the Crystal Affix List then it will not ever drop as a Crystal Item.

or you can use Obsidian to put a Crystal affix onto an Item.

Ayyyyyy just won and got this ayooooo another one

Errrrr my legendary chests turned to epic chests this game Immmmmid