What is the best class


Im new to the game and i used all 3 classes so far i think mage is op bc of storm but what do u veterans have to say?


Mages are not OP becouse of Storm, you can have Storm in All classes whid Amber Stone, From my Experience in this game after all this time playing is that Wizard Is The “easy” Mode Of all 3 classes, i can start over the game whid new account and in 40 minuts to 1 hour i’m lvl 99 on wirzard and on the other 2 classes i will take alot more time, if you think about wizard class, have Skullshield, kill everything for you whid one click and give 30% dmg reduction when all 3 are active, you can create an Army that fight for you, just summon them, just look at Aftermatch set :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:!!!


40 mins to 1 hour how!! :thinking:


Maps, xp boost, skullshield, storm, 30M gold purchase, i will help to, i dont know, Maybe, you tell me how them😐!


No best class… Every class have pros n Cons. Its about what u like playing what class. For new player i think wizard… because if u a lazy player… just use skullshield and walk around map, Monster Will die without doing anything.


I’m lazy :disappointed_relieved:


Skullshield rocks. Saves on the old magic power


But Storm in WI can up to Lv.40 for more hit frequence, in other classes can upgrade ter Storm skill too?


I like KnightsCharges with max Speed in WA, Bullets+Vault in Rogue, and in WI i like Teleport+Storm with max CD reduction and APS.


@Radience if you have a Skill from another class on your Toon, the only way to increase the Skill points is using + All Skills (Legend Affix-Red) or 2 Elixir’s (Myth Stone). or using the + 10 Skill (Epic Affix-Orange) on your Pet. that is a +20 Bonus total. I don’t know if you could get it to +30 with an Eternal Pet with the Skill you want at +20 with +10 All Skills.

Edit: also, the Identity Set increases the damage of Skills from other classes +7.5% per rank. so Identity (5) would be +37.5% damage for Skills from other classes.


If you use a wizard proc on a wizard you get skill points to it. If off character procs you need elixirs in both weapons. I used to go all skill etc. What you need to do is work out if you can better damage in other ways. Play around with builds. Read all the builds on here. Pinch ideas and play around with them


I suppose if I had used a calculator I could have saved myself a great deal of farming


For me archer all the way. Even after reset and and selected peak . Still playing archer :grin:


Best class is no class :wink: