What is the best hireling?


Warrior is good? What do you think?


I use wizards of rouge mostly, they can following and aoe kill things quickly


I have a wizard now. So rouge is the best for hireling?


It depends on you really

No “best” class, it’s just how you customize your items/skills

If you use warrior, I would suggest having taunt for mobbing


I think the best hireling is any opposite class of your main character




Not only opposite class but totally different gameplay. In that way the two characters can overcome monsters with resistances and immunities


Usually I run warrior with 100% block. When I use taunt it drags everything in and then my rogue hirilng can easy clear everyone away. Just use two opposite play styles that work well together


it depend’s on the build, just like that, dejavu…


the good thing about this game is that every character is somehow balanced. if you love melee character you can go warrior or dagger rogue


Rouge for me :relieved:


it’s not even about which class is best for hireling, it is how you build it. I am sure some players use 2 of the same class as Main and Hireling.


I’ve done that but my hireling are all procs lunatics so it’s not an issue lol


Agree with you @solid_ice8 friend.