What is the best to get the affix that i want?

What is the best to get the affix that i want?
Say i want an epic affix of arcane damage +5000? Do I just keep using kyanite and angelite to delete and generate the affix that i want or do I use sapphire to keep on re-rolling till i get the affix?

Generate the affix of you want for other affix of you dont want in the item… i think xD

You mean kayanite then angelite right? Is there a better methodl?

The “best” way to get the epic affix you want is Topaz, because each use lets you choose between 5 (or is it 6?) epic affixes. Then Kyanite if the choices suck.

But that’s a rarer crystal than Angelite/Sapphire. You’ll tend to have more Kyanite and Angelite than Sapphire, so expense-wise it might be better to use the two.

But Angelite can give Rare affixes in addition to Epic, so you have more chance to get the wrong affix from it.

You’re probably best off using Diamond, as long as you don’t have other epic affixes that might get changed. It’s cheaper than both Sapphire and Kyanite, plus it’s fewer taps than any other option.

Either way works. A better option if you want a variety of options is topaz then remove or sapphire but if you find angelites easy, angelite sapphire or remove with kyanite if you have the attention span. I certainly don’t have the attention span for the angelite method so I use topaz. If you want to spend less gold/ higher rarity crystals though, the angelite method is probably best for you. As i said, it is all up to you and either way works, just choose which is best for you. That is all :slight_smile:

Ah! I havent used Topaz yet i had no idea it gives 5-6choices. Thanks :smiley:

In related question: how exactly does Sapphire work? What do you mean by: “affix pool”?

It just changes it to any other attainable affix, but keeps the same value.

so using sapphire is still the same as using kyanite then angelite? the statement “in the same available affix pool” is kind confusing ._.

Sapphire is the same as using larimar because it reroll the affix but keep the same affix pool which means same value ( for eg, 1000mp regen changes into 5000+ weapon dmg thanks to sapphire or larimar).

Sapphire is a better choice if you want to change 1 affix pools, not all 6 epic or rare affixes. Larimar is good for random items that you used angelite on or items that are found with many epic affixes because you can keep rolling until you get a few affixes you want.

It increase chance of finding an affix you want on an item with 6 epic or rare affixes because all 6 of them are changed.

After you get an affix you wanted, sapphiring the rest of them or changing them by remove by kyanite then use by topaz or angelite is best choice for getting another affix you want without changing the other 5 affix pools (slots as I always call em).

Larimar is good for maps because you can keep rerolling random map affixes until packsize % appears and if your even pickier, until packsize and magic enemies appears.

If your ocd and want to spend 1000s of larimar (I don’t advise you to do this), until you get packsize %n magix enemies %, rare enemies %, epic enemies % and the other two affixes could be 1+enemy affix or others like that.

The old larimar used to purely add affixes but angelite does this now and does a better job than larimar because of chance to find epic affix.

Affix Pool = Same tier
There is rare, epic, legend and crystal (cyan) affix tier/affix pool.

When u use laminar or sapphire it change the affix in same pool.

For example if u have epic affix +5000WD on mh, if u use laminar or sapphire on that weapon or that affix, it will change to another affix in that affix tier pool like +2500Armor, +10000Hp, +5000Mp, +250 all resist etc etc (all other affix viable from epic tier) mean u can’t expect to use laminar or sapphire on it and got something like +25% meteor procs, +100% frostbitting etc etc because they are in different tier/pool.

If u use laminar or sapphire to change affix like +5000WD and after u use the crystal, lets say u get +2500Armor, that perfect rolled will change to another affix with perfect rolled too, that is value and not pool.

Value is base of %, for example u have epic affix +9000Hp in percent stat, its 90%. So if u use laminar or sapphire to change the affix, say u get Dodge affix, Max rolled is 10%, but base of % value from previous affix (before u change/reroll), u get your Dodge affix 9%.

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