What is the best weapon for rogue?

(Only on stage 360 M3) I am currently using a muramasa, whirling blades, crushing flames build. I’ve heard that the pistols with an hp steal and mp steal are the best, but at this point my character is too squishy for that to work in the first place. So what are your guys’ opinions?

too squishy… raise dodge / block.


Yep. HP just isn’t something to care about as you go higher floors since it costs more to survive a hit and still have HP and damage Reduction , so much so that you’ll lose DMG.

Good solution ofc is Block/dodge or both since it just blocks or dodges attacks and a high chance can get you a pretty decent survival. Other factors include Sanctuary mythic to revive , CCs to stun, blind , freeze enemies , movement speed to quickly move about, teleportation, etc.

Also distance as is with the case of Flintlocks and other skills that are rapid fire.

For that chakram build with whirling blades , use Periphery rather than actual whirling blades skill with chakram , attack speed for faster chakram returns and increase DMG of it.

Chakram DMG can be increased by 4+ Extra Attack, 4+ Multi Attack, Skilled , Blindside , Living Force , Timewarp and many more things. Being able to damage enemies fast enough also can be an element of survival.


Boomerang rather than Whirlingblades. Also use Periphery to spawn more chakram when it returns. Boost your Attack Speed too since boomerang CD is far different from other skill.

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Never heard anyone talking about Periphery, it’s so underrated

True but it must be explored too. :grin:

Is it possible to have 100% dodge/block?

Not possible I think. Even though you use Epiphany (8) your max cap will be 84% for dodge and block.

Yup. The only thing that I know of that gets you 100% dodge is stealth but it’s not permanent 100% dodge. Stealth and doubling 50% dodge to 100%.

If Bulwark did go above cap, maybe you could get more block than normal.

84% block and 84% dodge is still really high and you could hardly die combined with other factors if combined together.

You could also use shield to get that 10% block bonus.

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I don’t think there is a best weapon for any build. I think every weapon choice has its weakness so your build should compensate the weakness

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depends on what you want the weapon to do. fast attack, lots of damage, a certain weapon skill combination, a certain special effect that a weapon skill has, a focus on one skill, 2 or more skills, primary skills or special skills. then there is your play style. do you move around a lot, or let your weapons do all the work. if you have certain affixes, sets, Mythic in mind for your build, some work better for some reason with certain weapon skills, where others work with all weapons.
when you read the forums for the builds shared by other players, you will see some weapons are used more often than others, but there are builds for all of the weapons out there. a lot of people are like this, ‘what is the best weapon?’ others like trying to make a great build with a weak looking weapon, and everyone is like ‘wow, who would have thought that weapon could look so good?’
maybe you should ask instead, ‘Can I make the best weapon for a Rogue?’. one persons best weapon might not be a best weapon for someone else.