What is the computation of affix scaling down on arena please?

not all the information is on arena info, pls do answer my noob question so i can compute my arena starts when im crafting pls :frowning:

@JesusSaves , please update that list.

Also if you’re doing DPS as main focus, use at least 6-7x 1040 ED (5000 in campaign) and the appropriate set affixes such as demonic/living force as well as crit dmg with crit chance. Optional is WD+. Percentage versions don’t do as much boost though.Also you can try Push the Limit/Glasscannon/barbarian depending on the build and resource systems like energy/fury or so. Cosmic orb procs.

For HP (1040 instead of 5000 in campaign each) which is a case for any build, use fauns gift with 2x crystal luck (53% per each) with vampiric touch to boost HP and Plagued.

As well as some fair amount of HP epic affixes. CV and Terrashaper and even Battle mage are very good for some builds. Although sometimes unique or not often tried builds also succeed very well .