What is the highest set items ingame?

having a hard time getting eternal items with pvp options, how to get them easily? i got eternal items but poor options, im using two eternal only which i won in battle arena. help me get higher set, where? and where to get those cyan and purple set of items?

Best way to get early crystal items(cyan) and eternal items is through ascending your character and picking treasured perk. You can ascend your character when you reach lvl 99, this can be bought in shop with 5 million gold.
You will also need eternalized affixes to increase eternal item drops, crystalline set affixes to increase crystal item drop and mythical set affix to increase mythstone drop.

Those purple items are mythic items which can be crafted using zircon(4 sockets) and placing specific mythstones(4) to create a certain mythic item.

Here are the mythic skills/affixes check it out!

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High competitive PVP sets are definitely for not for newbies, cause crafting them cost tons of crystals and mythstones. I would recommend first making a high performance farming set first to get many crystals before going PVP.

Yes, the game definitely requires investment into pve. But its hella fun collecting looty

thank you for the tips guys. newbie here. by the way im in mythic league now division 3. isn’t it amazing?

Awesome keep it up!

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So a high performance farming set ? Could you explain plz ? Redownloaded this game the other day and now really addicted !!!

A high performance set (not set affix) means good damage output vs. good farming stats (luck, item drops, crystal find, etc.).
For example, you could have set affixes such defiant, identity, ascendent and arcanist to boost your damage and eternalized + crystalline to find more crystals. But it isn’t not limited to these and could find the best combination for you. Still if you have no idea, you can find guides here anyway.

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