What is the value of the Serenity mythic?

The Serenity mythic restores 1% MP on critical hit while a single Mentor mythstone restores 1% MP on any hit. I don’t understand how the much more expensive mythic any better than a single mythstone, or do I miss anything important?

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mentor = +25% total mp
Gift = +1% mp on hit,

serenity restore 2% MP on critical hits,

didnt try to use that myth coz theres a lot of better for mp affix.

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Some value is questionable as it only give almost equal or slightly more or less. for arena serenity effect/value are still same while gift effect/value reduced to 0.3% yet in arena serenity seem bit useless as there are more viable affix. endow ms give equal damage boost with epic affix +%Damage when socket to weapon while it give double affix value of epic +%armor when equip on armor. well lets just wait for 2.1 release as steiger said there will br some change made to MS.

Thanks for your replies. I will just use the gift ms until 2.1 :smile: