What is this?

Today have one player saw this eternal, not can find in Codex

I guess.Thats a noob item from a noob cheater.:expressionless:

Nah, it nice item. But … :unamused:

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Eternal Frozen Shield is a Warrior item.
Elements (Set)
Ice Damage % (Legend)
Elemental Critical (Legend, would show up as Freeze/Frozen? if Ice Element)
Ice Damage+ (Epic)
Ice Resist (Epic)
Empty Socket

the only affix that wasn’t changed was the Ice Damage+ (Shock Damage+ from Calcite Crystal).
go ahead and put this in the Report Cheaters Thread if you still have that players info for the Dev’s to look at.
an Eternal items class can be changed using the Jasper Crystal, so if you can’t find an item in the class it is, check the other classes to see if it is there.

It is a top 1 player in BA xD

mod item