What is up with update...lost a bunch here :(

Yo what happened… I lost my aethereal drain set affix on my offhand , my nadroji set bonus disappeared and my wizard that had 5 out of 6 acsensions is reset to zero - all after update, not cool dungeon quest devs, not cool

We won’t help you here on forum but support will help:

I’m experiencing the same thing. It’s like it reverted to the original version. Pre-ascension

For account issues you should really ask support.

I’m pretty sure it was an update issue not an account specific issue. I’ve seen other apps do global changes like this on updates, usually it’s done to push users to make purchases, likely what is happening here.

Please contact the support for any account related issue: support@shinyboxgames.com

I did send out an email. Still waiting. Also if this is an update thing, wouldn’t they have at least maybe said in passing somewhere or even hinted at the update involving a complete reset. I was max Ascension level… I ditched my pickup radius gear and my hunter ring etc becouse the perks made them obsolete. Now I have no perks or gear. Also my build was heavily dependent on Aithereil drain, which is now reading “bad affix” instead


Yes, it’s a known issue, trying to reach the devs.

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Hey! Don’t upload the game yet. Just wait until the new hotfix got released. If you have already uploaded the data, please contact the support for getting the loss progress back: support@shinyboxgames.com

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IOS will get an update as soon as possible.

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Thanks for the update – I saw the “new” portraits and that you had buy potions and figured that something had gone terribly wrong. Hopefully Apple gets the hotfix up quickly!