What I've observed with Alchemy Mythic

I’m trying to make a PVP build but I’m stuck on this mythic resources. Is Alchemy and Equivalence can be used in Arena? And can you eloborate what Alchemy and Equivalence do? Thank you in advance.

Yes. Alchemy is used in immortal builds but it’s not easy to master with the proper high Regen and just the right HP and MP .

It’s used with immortal build along with really high AR and resist and some other stuff to keep it immortal for example.

Equivalence is a good mythic for any PvP build and especially immortal build. It seems like a no brainer tbh. That 65% Damage reduction is too good. Although I think equivalence requires you to have full HP to keep it effective in reducing damage but it’s still such an Op mythic to have.

I’m using alchemy right now and it seems that when I cast my spell it uses my HP rather than my MP. My HP/MP are almost the same.

equivalence and alchemy are resource mythic? am i right?


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Yes I discussed this. There is a way around that actually and that’s by testing out MP/HP on hit , HP/MP Regen , etc. I did say something about how you can change that in this post. MP Absorb is also great with this in PvP and with high Regen and making the HP decent like the MP .

Sometimes you want the HP to be taken up but the MP not but sometimes you want the other way round.

If I balance my HP/MP and using alchemy as resource mythic can Equality be a great help to me when it comes to High Regen?

About the Armor and All Resist what is more efficient in this two affixes?

And also can alchemy be a great use for rogue?

Sir Cuzeg, i have a question about HP in PVE to PVP… because i have a new build with 16m HP in PVE and when i’m in PVP it’s goes to 500k+ HP, that’s why i rebuild it again to have more HP and i get 30m+ HP but when i go to PVP my HP goes down it become 400K+ only why is it… i expected to have 1m HP in PVP how sad…

Try to look at this thread. It teaches you how to precisely calculate your HP for PVP.

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I’ve notice something about Alchemy. I hope you don’t mind clarifying this to me. Can I message you if you don’t mind.


kumusta na ang build mo?

Can you please clarify how wand wouldn’t benefit from energy mythic.

It can benefit but since you will attack way too fast with Wands high attack speed + your own attack speed, Energy will run out too quickly. When you run out of it, Wand will end up using arcane attacks that hardly deal much dmg and won’t spread across enemies.

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that arcane attack @CuzegSpiked mentioned is your Default attack. that is what you see when you run out of mana while attacking. Default attack is on the same page as your other Weapons Skills attack stats.

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Yup that’s true.

But that would be a good thing right? Because the damage would increase by the missing energy%?

Use FURY instead of energy

Fury will just boost the MH special damage while energy gives global damage boost.

The damage increase is good but then it becomes pointless when wand becomes default attack on barrage skill and you fully run out of energy. Alchemy or Fury can be good for wand though.

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