What I've observed with Alchemy Mythic

I’ve observed that Alchemy is best for primary skills and that it works in cool ways.

Obviously if you have the highest of either the HP or MP, you will take more Dmg but in PvE, that’s not too bad as HP isn’t a big deal in high floors.

Alchemy does increase DMG by 50% of current MP and/or HP% of course but that’s if you have the lowest of either MP or HP when recovering.

If you don’t have enough MP for a skill, it uses HP to cast a skill. Another thing is that it’s great with Masochism or Hunger.

Of course it’s not best for special skills , even with Masochism or Hunger as special skill have larger cost which can make it drain faster and it’s harder to cast consistently. There are better mythics for special skills of course but I could only find this mythic for Primary skill casting other than Energy (Energy best for high attack speed primary skill).

If I use HP on hit and HP Regen, the skills use MP. If I use MP regen/MP on hit, it uses HP to cast. If I run out of MP, the Alchemy Mythic prioritizes HP for casting and vice versa. A vice versa Mythic indeed.

At least it’s easier to cast with primary skills and a huge boost of damage, great with high recovery of the resource by on hit effects and Masochism or Hunger.

The fairy does heal HP but it has capabilities to heal MP as well with alchemy which is also nice.

The reason why I post this is because Alchemy seems hardly explored but looks like a great mythic with its potential. I plan on making a good primary skill build.

Griffin already made one before but with Wand and Energy mythic. Any primary skill that’s viable can definitely be used very well with alchemy and something to combo with it.

I plan on making a primary skill based build with this concept. One thing I can definitely agree on though is that it should NOT be used for PvP.

Lastly, there has not been an Alchemy build in the forum’s before as far as I know. The mythic can be tricky kind of to control but once you control it, it’s a great mythic in my opinion for a primary skill build that is very good at high floor clearing which I can definitely see. Also I out Masochism or Hunger to keep the values of HP and MP at around 50% for the alchemy to work better . Totally optional though. Equality could work with it too .

I’m curious to see your input on Alchemy Mythic. I kind of like it and dislike it but I’m giving it a shot anyways. I know I could use energy mythic for primary skill build but I want to be unique and energy for some isn’t the best as it take more slot and APS to be as sustainable with the 10% energy per primary cast and 30% recovered energy.

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Go for it KingBuilder :sunglasses::joy::blush::wink:

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Cuzeg, please create a whole new build with that mythic affix. I think its best for rouge like bow or ricochet and for PVE Build.

Oh trust me, I will. I’m planning to create a wizard pierce skill build. But it definitely works well with how and ricochet. I wanted to test alchemy first to see if it was most suited and it turns out it is. Why the pierce skill? The hero point has 50% dmg per pierced which I want to take advantage of . Also I can get high MH% using MA and EAC without Discordance because it’s meant for primary skill with the skilled mythic and using Alchemy/Energy as high damage boost.

Also bow build with this per pierced dmg even though it kind of is done already or chakram build or even throwsword build.

I’ll create it for the next patch though but I’ll still be into building it. I like building things that are not fully explored .

Also @TeaCup gave me the idea of a pierce build as his wish a year ago as he saw one and wanted it to be in full potential but he didn’t get the chance to make it. However I have the chance and knowledge to make a great pierce build for any build with the per pierced on it and even other build such as whirling blades (looks cool), guidedshot and throwsword build for PvE.

All will be aimed at high floor completion unsurprisingly. The biggest challenge after making damage viable is actually the survival. Since stealth no longer dodges 100% unless 50% dodge, that’s a thing. Even then, stealth only lasts a second . 2 seconds if you use the 10+ all skills affix. Also there is smoke bomb procs too and minions if I want to summon to protect me from enemies.

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Whoa !! With Ragnarok of wiz that will be great !! Please with maelstrom or mayhem affix I’ll love procs :innocent:

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Yeah that’s what I mean.

I was gonna make the calamity build that @darellleyesa made and improve it but I have many other builds I want to do. So much stuff.

Okay cuzeg i’ll count on you and wait.

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Thank you. Another dream build I’m gonna start :slight_smile: :thumbsup: . This time it won’t be based off any build as I’m just building straight out of concept and I’ll have to figure things out myself :smile: .

Griffin’s primary build did do very well though so I think my primary skill build would definitely do well even if it’s a different skill altogether.

Tell crush ko si pat about this. She’s pro wizard user

Uuuuuh no? energy+wand is like one of the worst combinations I’d never do that : P

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Oh right. Nvm then lol. I thought I saw energy in your build for some odd reason but it’s not there. That’s fine.
I would use energy mythic but I’d need more attack speed for the pierce skill to beat the 30% energy regen per second whilst spending more than that by lots more attacks as primary spends 10% energy but special uses 30%. Alchemy mythic I’m using though as it works well with the primary skill build I’m planning to build.

The build you’re talking about actually attacks faster then energy regenerates so it would be a very bad affix fury is a good primary skill resource system however :slight_smile:

True. :slight_smile: .

I am using alchemy in pve which is realy fantastic.Hope yue can find somrting intersting too :sunglasses:

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Oh I will. I agree with you. I think it’s a great mythic for beginners who use primary skills and experts alike. I’m already starting to take a liking to the mythic and I can see why Teacup used it and even recommended to players.

Alchemy is the most complex resource system,users have to deal both hp/mp/recover…Energy/fury is more simple for beginners.Still bad in English :sweat_smile:but glad to release my acomplished alchemy build after learnt more.

It’s complex but it seems simple at the same time. I figured how to master how to use it quite quickly but I haven’t 100% mastered it. Obviously best with primary skills and not much so for special skills. The simple bit is that lowest of either HP/MP means 50% more Dmg to skills (but you’ll have to dodge attacks from enemies with alchemy due to 50% more damage taken thing).

Also what’s simple is that if you use MP on hit, HP is used as casting and vice versa as well as regen. If you use both MP and HP on hit, both resource will be used and become less stable.

But there had been many bugs with it that did turn off some players . Energy is simple build but best for spending so much energy (it used to be that full energy meant 100% Dmg instead of missing energy %) and Fury too.

Still alchemy seems best to actually increase primary skills dmg. Energy works too but you need lot more attack speed to surpass 30% energy regenerated per second.

For special skills though, Energy and Fury very simple and great for it. Also Discordance. Alchemy not very recommended with special skills though.

Another thing is that to maximise Alchemys potential, using Masochism or Hunger is a great way to do that, not best for special skills but alright with primary skills.

Lastly, fairy can heal your MP or HP when you cast with Alchemy and have Masochism or Hunger. it’s always nice.

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the secret has be revealed


Will alchemy change in the next path?You must know something…