What luck


when I was Ascending my first Toon, I was farming experience on Floor 110. at first, I died more than I liked, but because I wanted to not die so much, I kept tinkering and crafting, and ended up with an Ascending/Farming/Damage/PVP Build. max experience, gold find, luck, and enough damage to terrify the monsters and get me up to Eternal League. but I sure spent a lot of Crystals and Myth Stones, and a little Dust, to get that far. reading the Forums helped a lot, and paying attention to my playing style and my Toons hard work in the game helped my to improve. I got up to the 880’s in M3 and took a break to Ascend another Toon, but can’t wait to start climbing again up to 1,000. want to get all the Legends and Eternals checked off in the Codex.


I got to floor 1260 mythic 3 and decided I can’t be bothered lol


haha, eventually you will make a build that will make you wonder if it can go to higher floors. the Amazing Floor Climbing and Monster Smashing Build.


Ok i need some advise here with this cureent build the reactor. I was seeing 30+ mill damages. I picked this up

and i noticed 600+mil damages. Was i just not seeing these numbers or is storm just that much better


Orb does 200% MH damage every .1 seconds, so it is hitting the target 10x a second for a total of 2,000% damage a second.
Storm does 600% MH damage every .25 seconds, so it is hitting the target 4x a second for 2,400% damage a second.
Reactor does +12.5% MH damage per Set (?) Rank every .5 seconds. I believe Orb lasts 2 seconds, so Reactor hits for a total of 4 times. there is a Slow Orb affix, and I think it increases the length of the Orb Skill, so you can have more Reactor Arcs before the Skills ends. also, Orb has a pretty fast cool down, and with reduced cool down affix, you can put out a bunch of Orbs shooting Arcs at the same time.
also, different weapons have different base damage the Skills are based on. so if you put Storm or Orb on the different Wizard weapons, Wand would have the lowest damage, then Sword, Staff, and Gauntlet the highest. different Sets and Affixes can make the difference with it comes to doing more damage or looking for better DPS.


@short you are gaining a lot from the 173.9% Blight and Storm duration of 5 seconds. You also gain from storm proc. From my point of view, if you like wand keep it. You can change any other reactor gear sets out or keep the current set up. It all comes down to how you enjoy playing the game.



Orb in itself is one of the most damaging skills by hit frequency especially when its on hero points and higher MH, plus being able to use Amber crystal so its ubiquitous to be able to add Orb skill on any MH.

Storm is another high damage and hit skill along with knock back and hero points to make it more potent.

Combined with everything else on your gear, its pretty powerful. If your happy with it, you can keep but test both skills. Reactor comes out of orb as Arcs which is additional DMG from orb and nice to have too.


I have been messing arojnd with gears more with my wizard and testing them out. Its been fun :joy: