What luck


Of course the game is dragging me in the more i play i want to play. So i bought another character slot and started a wiz. Was farming a few lvls for him with my rouge and got his first leg item. I just completely skipped legendary lol


Very good, keep up!


Awesome @Short now get the reactor sword Zeus and splatter the monsters with arc when you cast orbs^^


Havnt realy read into the orb but mine just sits there. And i have the sword


When you have +Sets and/or Elixir on Ring and Amulet, your sets will be 4 (+2 sets +2sets) +1 Reactor set or Reactor (5). This will give your toon a 12.5%x5 or 62.5% chance to cast arc every 0.5 seconds and it increases your range to enemy by 5x3yds or 15 yards.

Only one reactor set without +sets and / or Elixir will not seem very cool. The monster will have to be right on top of you to cast arc. You can also go for all 4 Reactor sets. Reactor was my favorite set when I first started playing PvE.


Wonderful info mr scooty and ty i will be farming after a good build :wink:


After playing with this build a lil i am realy liking it cant wait to see it at full power


That’s great!!! If you can find plagued set to add, use it then use calcite on each of your gears until they have posion.



This is what i have so far lvl 80 ish.


what makes Reactor so good for Orb is that at skill level 40, Orb has zero movement, but a greater area of effect. Reactor adds Arc’s every .5 seconds at +3 yards per rank of Reactor, with any range increases adding to the range of the Arc’s.


It’s looking great @Short :blush:

20 Orb hero skill is enough from your helmet. At Orb 40, your orb drops and sits there like an egg not moving. You can add 20 to storm to increase its damage also when it proc. Use Citrine crystal Stone to change talent on helmet to Wizardry 20. You want a little more elemental critical chance with that much blight (that will give you 32% elemental critical chance - the other part is coming from your OH).

Keep pushing!!!


Skullshield does a similar thing (ie drops to the ground)


Sweet ty for the help


Guessing i will probably answer my own question but is skullsheild or manasheild better with the reactor. Guessing it depends on how u want to build ?


I moved some itemes aroumd on my rouge to help my wizard out.


skull shield would be better, since it automatically targets and attacks. mana shield only does damage if you get hit by an enemy, and if you have high dodge and/or block, less often. so Orb Skill with Reactor and Skull Shield would be putting out a lot of damage. in case you didn’t know, Reactor Set only works with Orb Special Skill on MH weapon, or Orb Proc.


Sweet thanks


Skullshield gives ×3 skulls of firing elemental potential per second. It’s like a machine gun. It’s an offensive one click defence . Then you have an additional weapon to what other offensive skills you use


Still tinkering with this but im cruzing thru 350+ m3