What mythic same as mana shield?..pls help me

What mythic same as mana shield?..


Mana shield is perfect to permafrost set

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Manashield ignores all of your affixes so no it is not.

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Wait @Clogon what do you mean by that?

Does that mean that this buid does not work?:
This part:

Manashield is a must for this build. This is your core. Wizard benefits from all mana related affix
and manashield is a perfect synergy.”

That is pretty interesting…

Use alchemy or bloodmagic if you can’t manashield.

Exactly what I wrote, your affixes do nothing (except Clotting and Perserverance) to affect Manashield. Armour does nothing, MP Absorb does nothing. Resitance does nothing. Permafrost does nothing. Manashield ignores every affix (except Clotting and Perserverence).

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Wow that is really interesting, is it consider a bug or?

If it was a bug, I would have mentionned it.

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