What sbould i do, eternalized or crystaline?

Long story short I’m trying to make a maximize my farming with what I have. I have a fortune myth stone to use in a helm to put my close to 200% item drop. Just can’t decide what’s more benificial.

You need both. you can have one in your mainhand weapon and the other one in your head gear

My only problem is I’m using an eternal ragnaroc hammer. Pretty much using what I have so far and making the best of it. I know the ideal situation would be both, but at this point I have to choose between crystalline or ethernalized helm.

I’d go crystal as it boosts both crystal legend drops and crystal drops.

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Well, it’s for farming you dont really have to use Eternal ragnarok. What’s the purpose of using eternal ragnarok?Your missing chance to get Eternal legends which maybe used for end game builds.

I like crystalline more as the crystal legend drop makes it easier to craft.

Example I need a Dodge crystal affix on my new build.
If I could use a crystal legend with dodge affix I won’t need to use obsidian crystals for it.
(Barring the need for exclusive legend affixes on gear) >.>
But really depends on your priority.