What Sets / Skills / Affixes would You Like to See Enhanced?

In my opinion there are some really great sets, affixes and skills in the game that I would love to see more play from and I think that have a lot of potential to be super fun too if they were improved. As I’m playing DQ I often find myself pondering things like “if only such&such skill did X it would be great!”
So I’m thinking maybe this thread can act as a “wishlist” of improvements on the affixes and skills you think would be really cool to see improved and how.

Personally, I would love to see the Gladiator set have more sway in the game. Right now I think the stats for the set could be enhanced, but also the fact that trophies only have the option of coming with the Gladiator set affix attached makes other items that you receive with it on (ring, amulet) obsolete. The set stats need a bit of a boost to be more playable or maybe alterations.

I would also love to see more from summoning abilities. The ability to raise up a hoard of minions makes me reminiscent of the Necromancer in D2 and how much fun that was to play (bonewall golem archer skeletons). As it stands I think minions need a bit more sustain to keep them in play longer, perhaps for them to be made stronger and maybe more types of minions. :smile:


You hit the right part. That’s what also what I’m thinking. Improving the survibality of Minions since they’re no good on higher floors. Minions is different from skulls. They die unlike skullshields. So I’m thinking if they could replace some Spiritmancers talent where Summons can benefit your dodge %. Spiritmancers isn’t really that nice so I hope it would be overhauled.

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I also feel like Dependent affixes could use a real overhaul. I’ve almost never seen them utilized, except maybe for Cerebral Vortex