What should I change in my build? I feel really weak in mythic 3 floor 750 (have pics of all equip and stats)

And then with this weapon.

Also my points are in orb so that helps this weapon.

You forgot the MH Gauntlet. Also post your stats page if u can.

At 1st glance, IMO, ditch the HP affixes for some glasscannon, +10 skills, attack speed/cooldown, or dodge/block. You are gonna die at Floor 750 no matter how much HP u got. The best defense is a fast & furious offense! :wink:

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Ok, I updated it!! Lemme know which affixes to ditch and for what affix and I’ll try it out… I can take 3 hits right now I believe in mythic 3 floor 750

Need pic of the Gauntlet.

kk there.

And then here is my stats with this weapon. I think this weapon better for pve because item drop, and other one better for pvp because of the armor and longer cooldown means I can kite better and twister push enemy away…

Cool build btw :+1:t2:

Since u r using blood magic the hero points in mana are useless. Put 20 in health. If u gonna use the Gauntlet IMO u should kyanite the 3 epic affixes & garnet the 50% dmg mythic. Make 4 slots & add either the cosmic orb or arc mythic. Then add back the +5000WD 50%WD and either a Zenith or +10blast. Put 20 hero points in blast. Put the rest of your leftover mana points into twister.

After I started this post you updated saying u using Steigers. If I were gonna use a sword & orb, I would ditch blood magic & use discordance so I could spam orb. Or you can use reduced cooldown & keep blood magic.

Change your crown talent to amplify, the ring to bewilder (stun to keep mobs off u) and amulet to prismatic (when mobs r resistant to poison).

If you don’t have a hireling I’d beef up my minions with associated talents. If you have a hireling I’d ditch the tome & get an orb and then change the special skill to SkullDraga for nice damage. Orb for teleport so I could avoid mobs better.

Personally I prefer a wand + max multiattack + max extra attack + max attack speed. Spam barrage. Use arcanist set + ascendent + effective mythic. You’ll hit them so fast & they wont be able to resist most of your attacks. Add bewilder talent & they will be constantly stunned.

My 2 cents. Happy hunting!

Edit- BTW I’m jealous of all those ultra rares!

Isn’t ignore resist better than prismatic?

Depends on your build. Ignore Resist is good and if you are sticking with current gear ignore resist is less costly in affix slots.

kk ima try to do your ideas soon, i’ll let you know the diff in strength

Based on your build. Nothing to change to prevent crystal wasting. Just read and understand the codex.
Set Affix plauged are very powerful in floor hiking.
Read and understand it. You will know how to use plauged perfectly. again no need to change any affix.

Just ignore the comment of the other player.
In your build eternal necrotic Is enough to kill carto
No need to change or add glasscanon or what ever multiplying dmg. You dont need high based dmg in poison type build FARMING.

If you are actually into math, try to study the dps formula. If primary attack based, drop flat elemental damage.

EDIT: Gonna try to evaluate more after class