What should I do in what order?


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I’m new to the game and have completed 200 floors (M3). What should I do next?

I’m playing wizard storm. I don’t think I’ll go beyond 200 floors because I die too much.

I would appreciate it if you explain in order what a beginner should do. Because I like the game. I want to continue.

You can continue to use maps to climb floors as well.

Go to the 200th floor.
Open the inventory screen
Go over to the Shop
Buy a map with in game gold
Open and complete that map on floor 200.
Every map will DROP another map at the end of the floor.
The next map you get will be floor 201.
You can continue to climb floors this way.

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for the next few floors, you could use a lot of All Resist, and use Items with Sets that increase All Resist, and also use Items with affixes that reduce damage.

the problem is, that as you go to higher floors, eventually monsters can kill you with one hit no matter how high your All Resist is. at this point, you should start using Dodge, Block, and Sanctuary Mythic. Dodge and Block can go up to +60% each, and with Epiphany (5) Set you can get them both up to +75%. Sanctuary saves you from an attack that kills you and leaves you with 10% of your Health, but you have to wait for 30 seconds before it can save you again.

or you could use attacks that Stun, Freeze, Knockback, Blind, or in some way incapacitate your enemies so that they can’t attack you.

or you could use Teleport or a high Movement Speed to stay away from attacking monsters while you attack them.

then there is the option of having high damage to kill monsters quickly before they attack you. you will have low defense but if you kill the monsters that fast, you don’t need defense.

if you really like using Storm, make sure you have Dodge +60% and eventually put Sanctuary on your Necklace / Amulet. use Orb for your OH so you can use Teleport to move around quickly. have Ice Element with Freeze or Elemental Critical and 2 or more Frostbiting. have as many Hero Points in Storm as you can, 40 being best. this way, you can Teleport to your enemies, cast Storm to Freeze them and do tons of damage with Frostbiting, and then Teleport away before any enemies outside the AoE of Storm can attack you. use a Gauntlet or Staff for your MH (these are the 2 top damage MH weapons for Wizard). find one with +200% Weapon Damage, or put an Epic +100% damage on it. find at least 2 Items with +100% Ice Damage. for Frostbiting, you could find 2 or more Items with it or use Ruby to put it on your Items.

after this, look through your Codex at the affixes that are available so you can improve your build later.

even if you can only do a few of these things, you should be able to go to higher floors, or maybe go to lower floors for a little while and kill monsters to get what you need to improve your build and then go to higher floors.

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Thank you for the replies.

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