What should i pick for chest mythic?

best mythic suit for chest (wizardskullb)

it depends on which one is best for your Build.

  1. Exposed - +50% Dmg. to Pierced enemies. Skills like Orb or Pierce, or using a Zenith Myth Stone, can Pierce your enemies.

  2. Ruptured - +50% Dmg. to Bleeding enemies.

  3. Skilled - +50% Dmg. for your MH Primary Skill. Comet on Staff for example.

  4. Sureshot - 100% chance to Deadly Strike an enemy that is at full health.

  5. Mirrored - Reflect Damage is increased by Block chance %.

  6. Brutal - Deadly Strike does 3x Critical Damage instead of 2x Critical Damage.

if you’re using Comet to do most of your damage, use Skilled.

if your enemies are getting Pierced or are Bleeding, use Exposed or Ruptured if you are using all of your Skills.

if you are using all of your Skills and enemies are not Pierced or Bleeding, or you are using a Skill for most of your damage (like Meteor for example) that isn’t your MH Primary Skill, use Brutal (make sure your Crit Chance, Crit Damage, and Deadly Strike are at cap for best results).

Mirrored would be used for a Reflect Damage Build with +60% Block or better with the Redirect Mythic.

Sureshot kind of sucks for Campaign Maps and is usually used by some Players for PVP Builds.

hope this helps.

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Hey golem, i was reading this, nice work as perusual and i was wondering, whats better do you think? Sure shot or brutal? To clairify i still use my lasernado build in pvp, just a pvp oriented version of it. I was thinking sure shot, but then again, just from the sheer number of atacks persecond i launch, brutal might be handy via sheer brute force. Whats your thoughts?

Sureshot is for a Massive Damage First Hit Build that hopefully kills your enemy, or at least lowers the HP to something that is easy to get to zero with the rest of the build.

Brutal would require maxing out your Crit Chance, Damage, and Deadly Strike to be worth it in PVP, and would give you some great spike damage when you get a Deadly Strike, especially if the rest of the Build can take advantage of the Brutal spike damage.

this help me a lot thanks!:grin::grin:


Golem is incredible.


that’s because I’ve read an incredible amount of DQ posts & threads. :open_book: :man_mage: :crystal_ball:

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