What should i remove and add to make it better and more damage

make the set affix to (5) using MS Elixer in Ring and Amulet, then you can replace one Overload and Permafrost set affixes with other set affixes that can support your build like Deadly Arts, Blood Magic, Frozen, Rage, etc

You can have max 6 total set affixes, 7 if you’re using Legendary Pet, so try to maximize that :grinning:


What should i add? Please give me atleast two.
And what should i remove?

I’ve told you, you should add MS Elixer in Ring and Amulet so your green set affixes became (5)

Also, Crit chance is capped at 60%, so using 2 crystal affix for crit chance in your Vial and Chest is a waste IMO since maximum value per affix is 45%.

You could try to replace those Deadly Strike MS with Elixer MS in your amulet, and if you still need those Deadly Strike affix you could replace crit chance with it (Deadly Strike is capped at 60%, and maximum value per affix is 30%)

Also IMHO those crystal affix MP regen can be replaced with other resource system affix like set Blood Magic, mythic Energy, mythic Fury, etc depend on your play style.

For ring, you need to decide which affix that’ll be replaced with MS Elixer.

hope this helps

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Oh thanks for that. Ima change it right now.
How about on my bow, chest and vial?
Ima change 1 on my Crit chance on my vial or chest. What do u suggest ro make it better.

thanks a lot.

bow is fine.

For glasscannon, I usually use 100% when I’m using it, especially in higher floor when HP doesn’t mean anything (you’ll still get one shot killed by most enemies anyway :grinning:)

Also, try to max the epic affix, should be easily done using CS Fluorite.

Okay ima try to remove my crit chance.
What should i replace on my mp regen?

Anything that can suit your play style, check it here:

I heard Energy is good, I’ve never tried it though so don’t quote me on that :grin:

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