What ... the...?

From the Darkness… the evil awakes…

i want that 1.7 patch on my phone right now… soooo soooo jealous of you :I

is that the new patch 1.7?

suspense is killing me…
why not release it now for android users? :I

iOS can silently suffer… >:)

I am waiting long time for this patch… Please share it for android!

[quote=“newb_player”]suspense is killing me…
why not release it now for android users? :I

iOS can silently suffer… >:)[/quote]

It’s the Account system’s fault. Since we are on three different platforms ( iOS, Android, Kindle ) and players could potentially have the game on multiple platforms, all of them have to be released at the same time. Patch 1.7 added a lot of data to the server, so it was definitely needed. Whenever we just patch bug fixes or add minor features, no simultaneous release is required.

So when this patch will be shared?

(I am not good in english bro!)

Screw Apple — I can barely wait any longer for that update and i know its not ya’ll developers fault, but still, it woull be nice if Apple stopped being a lazy couch potato and reviewed the game.

Hmm… so new legend enemies and monster affixes with the update… interesting, how much resist is greatly resist; resist is just 50%

this is the clear example of how superior android really is compared to iOS… hue hue hue

So instead if posting here people should contact apple and bug them:o:o:(:lol::lol::razz::twisted:

but dont got apple’s contact address lol :stuck_out_tongue:

So when update will shared? I am very exciting about it :smile:

(I am not good at english bro!)

Apple just want there apps fully secured from any viruses or harms to iOS users gadgets thats why it takes weeks in processing the game updates…And another thing DQ is not the only game that will release updates this month :smile:

But seriously sometimes being an iOS user sucks AHAHAHA

Amazon is already done which is a great sign. Hopefully iOS will be ready this week.

So we must wait very long time? Oh my god…

(I am not good at english bro!)

I see 2 skills only. Explain plss

sorry gotta to ask
there is chance for dev to make 1 hero can use 2 pet? or maybe on mystic item and crystal affix can add 1 more pet slot .
and about hire hero if we can hire 2 hero is that make game unbalance? cos thats should amazing playing with wiz+war+roque in 1 map
and 1 more i play on floor 61 with roque(56) and warrior(54) EP8 i can take all with easy only i had hard time when there spawn 1 cartographer+1 enslaved . IMO when i hire my other hero enemies stats should be increased .

Bad bad diieter posting spoilers lol :wink:
Now we gonna get another 4353456453453 posts saying " I want patch NOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!111 "

I’m guessing diieter has a mythical item that has passive skills ? Or he hacked the game omg !!! :wink:

.mmmm 76 mil gold. <- jealous!

Oh… And obligatory. ’ I want the patch nowwwwwwwww’. Sup jester!